Friday, October 21, 2011

Gyaru Eye Make Up Experiment

Hello, pretties! How's your Friday? Another short post today!
Do you know what is gyaru? Gyaru is a nick name for Japanese girls that have a cute and fashionable look. Today I'm gonna post my  gyaru eye make up experiment. The results was totally amazing. My eyes looked much bigger and fresh. But, to make this look, I used 2 eyelashes for each eyes. It covered half of my vision, so heavy! But most of all, I totally love the result. Here's the pic!

Sorry for the dark circles. I didn't use make up on my entire face, I only put eye make up.
I know it's huge and horrible :(

What do you think? My eyes look big, right? Next time I'll wear my circle lenses to make my eyes look bigger. This look is kinda too much for everyday make up. But I LOVE IT. I'm gonna make a tutorial about this look. So, stay tune!

Thanks for reading my blog! x


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