Monday, October 31, 2011

Nüface Facial Mask (Revitalizing) Review

Hi again! I'm very busy these days and I don't have much time to update, sorry :(
So here's a quick review. This mask is the first facial mask that I ever use. And the result is...... amazing. I love this mask so much. I use the revitalizing one to freshen up my face. You can find it at any supermarket. Sorry for the bad quality pics.

I love the package so much, it's gorgeous.

Here's the facial mask. It contains so much serum that mosturize your face.

Me, using the mask. Okay, I know I looked creepy. Sorry for the wet hair, I just got out from the shower when I took this pic.

The results:
My face feels so fresh and my skin is totally smooth. The smell is so good. Purchase again? Definitely yes.

Thanks for reading!

p/s: this post is completely my own opinion, I don't get payed to advertise this.


  1. haven't tried this mask yet, I'll give it a go once I've finished the masks on my stash lulz

  2. aweee sorry, but don't worry there will be a big giveaway by the end of this month ^^


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