Tuesday, December 25, 2012

SAVA Perfect Cover Concealer

Merry Christmas, ladies! I know I'm a bit late >< But today, I'm back with you guys to share my favorite concealer from SAVA. I never heard about this brand before, but again, KKcenterHK kindly sponsored me this little cutie!

The packaging looks like this. So travel friendly! For you girls who love to travel, this is your answer. It's so light and compact. It's in black color, and the plastic feels so smooth. There are some details at the bottom, but because my lighting is bad (pardon me), you can't see much. Nut in the real life, it's so gorgeous!

And this is the interesting part, opening the Concealer kit! At first, I dunno how to open it. But my sister know it so she opened it for me ^^

Here's step by step how to open it.

First, push the bottom of the packaging, and it will pops up like a drawer. Then just open the lid, and there's a mirror!

There are 3 shades in this little kit. The left one is more like salmon pinkish undertone. The center and the left one has more yellow undertone. I personally love to mix the center and the left one since I have yellow undertone skin.
And there's a cute little brush included! But I don't really like the brush because it can't blend the concealer perfectly on my skin. I love to use my ring finger (the weakest finger) to warm the concealer up, and gently dap it on my dark circles.

Here's the swatches. You can see that the left one is a bit too dark for me. And what I really love about this concealer, its so creamy! It blends easily on your skin. So now I'm going to show you how it looks like on me.

There you go my naked eyes. See how terrible the dark circles are! I already take this photo with flash, but they're still so obvious. And to be honest, my dark circles now are worst than in this photo. Make sure you guys get some sleep!

There's the comparison! The first photo is my naked eyes.
In the second photo, I applied BB cream only on my left eye. You can see that my dark circle faded a bit.
In the third photo, I applied SAVA Perfect Cover concealer on my right eye. See the difference? The Concealer has a yellowish undertone, and you know, yellow can neutralize blue-ish undertone on your dark circles.
And in the last photo, I covered my right eye with BB cream over the concealer and it's perfect! I don't have any dark circles anymore ;)

My final verdict:
- Coverage: 5/5
- Consistency: 4.5/5
- Packaging: 4.5/5
- Applicator: 2/5

I love this concealer so much!
Do you want to get it? Click HERE to jump off to KKcenterHK Sava Perfect Cover Concealer Page.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dueba Barbie Diamond 3 Tones | Blue

Hello again! I'm back with a circle lens review.
Dueba has been my favorite circle lenses nowadays, since it's so comfortable compared to other lenses! Let's jump on the review, shall we?

The design is very very very unique! The color mentioned is blue, but actually it also has red and grey! You can see how compliacted and nice the design is, making it a very pretty lenses. It really looks like diamonds.

Because the lighting is kinda bad, my photos turned out kinda blurry, so sorry I can't enlarge the photo below.

As you can see, the color and design is not so obvious when I wear them and without flash. They kinda blend with my eye color (which is very dark brown), and enlarge my eyes without looking "fake", if you know what I mean. And the bad thing, you can't see any blue.
And woooow, they're 16.5 mm which  is very huge.

With flash, they are so so so so so so so pretty! But the only bad thing, with flash, the lens doesn't blend well with my eyes, and it looks kinda "fake". I suggest using this lens with make up since it is dramatic. But without makeup, this lens also looks so pretty.

Design: 5/5
Color: 3/5
Comfort: 5/5

Let's move on to my camho pics!

Just can't get enough with this lenses! <3<3<3

Wanna get this lens? Buy it at UNIQSO, this is their new collection. Click the logo below, and jump right to Dueba Barbie Diamond 3 tones in blue page.
And also use code BMG10 to get 10% off!

See ya on my nest review, stay tune! Bye bye xx

Friday, December 7, 2012

Birds and Spikes

What an interesting title! What does "Birds and Spikes means? Well, let's take a look now.

Now you know. They're necklaces! Nowadays, a short statement necklace is very on the season. Everyone wear a nice statement necklace which can change the whole outfit into the next level! I'm so thankful that Greentelee shop kindly sponsored this two cool statement necklaces. Keep reading to see me wearing them.

Spikes are so in trend right now! They're just pretty. Spikes can make our outfit looks more edgy. And here's the close up on the spikes. So sorry for the noisy pic, I think it's because the lighting is kinda dark but well, you still can see the details! It's in bronze, which is nice, and the birds one is also in bronze. But you have to be more tricky with bronze, because if you choose a wrong outfit color, it won't show nicely on your outfit. Be creative!

This one is more settle and sweeter than the spikes one, since spikes are meant to be edgy, right? It has a lot of birds in one necklace, and it's just so pretty! It has a very nice detail, especially the feather.
Like I said before, it's also in bronze color, which is kinda tricky to mix and match with outfit. Make sure you pick a bright colored outfit so this necklace will show up.

So now I;m going to show you how they look on me!

Yup there you go! A camho pic of me trololol. You can see how it compliments my look. 

I paired it with a sheer white shirt (actually its sheer, but in this pic you can't see it clearly). And for me, white colored top is perfect for them! They can show up really bold, and everyone can see them. It's very sweet and pretty.

Here's the spikes! With the same outfit, it makes everything different! More edgy and more fierce.

See what's different within both of them?

Birds : sweet, romantic
Spikes : edgy, fierce

Both of them are fashionable! Wanna get them? Then visit Greentelee shop!

Buy it with affordable price!
Byebye xoxo

Saturday, December 1, 2012

October & November Favorites!

Happy December guys! I'm so happy because it's almost Christmas!

I want to apologize to all of you, because I haven't blog for a long time now. The finals just over yesterday, so days before the finals, I concentrated to study, so I don't have time to blog. I am so sorry :(

But since the finals are over, I made an October & November Favorites video for you guys!
I shared my favorite beauty products for the last two months. Most of them are korean products.

I will also make a review on my blog, but I just shared some points of the product in my video.
I hope you find it helpful!

Here's the video
Product list:

- Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Scrub Foam
- Skinfood Carrot Base in Green
- Skinfood Tomato Hand Lotion
- Lip Smacker Watermelon Wave
- Dove Nourishing Oil Care Nutri-oil Serum

Thanks for watching, see you! xx

Friday, November 16, 2012

Skinfood Carrot Base | Green

This thing is one of my October favorites! It's Skinfood Carrot Base in green. This thing is..... perfect. It's a make up base (can also be a primer) for your face, before you apply any make up on.
Why green? Green color can neutralize redness on your skin, and even out your skin tone. No more uneven skin tone!

I really love the bottle. It's made of glass (or maybe a very thick plastic). It's cap is made of a very hard plastic, and covered with a wood-like sticker, so pretty. And what I like the most, it's a pump! So hygienic and easy to use. You don't need to squeeze or dip your finger into it. Just a simple pump :)

Here's a close up of the pump. It's very tiny, and let you control the amount of product that will come out. I really love how Skinfood really really care about our convenience of using their product!

It's quite big, actually. Honestly, I have a very big hand. But you can see it above, it almost fit my hand. And it's quite heavy. It's not travel friendly, but well, you can dispense it on another little pump bottle (or even a jar) when you're travelling. And I just realize that my nails kinda match the bottle ^^

This is how it look like if I pump it a bot on my hand. It has a very settle green color, a very light minty green color. And it has a semi-thick consistency, not too thick, not too runny. Just perfect. I only need a half pump to cover my entire face. And the scent is very unique. Like.... menthol maybe? I don't really know how to describe the scent. But it's not bad :)

Here's the swatch! You can see that it lightens my complexion a bit. It really even out my skin tone if i use it on my face. Actually, it becomes sticky when I apply it on my skin, kinda a bit hard to blend. You need more time to apply it evenly on your face. But the stickiness makes your make up stick on better, and make it last longer!

And I found out that this thing works best with a stippling brush. I've tried to apply it with my fingers and sponge, but it didn't give me the best result. Stippling brush is the perfect tool for this make up base.

After you apply it, you will notice that you have a brighter, fairer, and more even complexion!

It's time to score it!

Packaging: 5/5
Scent: 4.5/5
Pigmentation: 5/5
Consistency: 5/5
Application: 4/5

Overall, I really love this make up base! I highly recommend it <3

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sparkling 5 Minutes Make Up tutorial + Magic Eyes no.5 Review

Hello hello!

Do you ever feel that you want to look so pretty, but you wakes up late or you don't have much time to do your make up, especially eye makeup? Well, I got the solution now. (Scroll down to watch the tutorial)


STICK ON EYESHADOW BY MAGIC EYES! Mine is in no. 5 (Shimmering white, pink, light blue)

It's super easy, super quick, and pretty <3

What I love most about this product is the amount of shadow that sticks on the pad. I can use for 2 times (or maybe 3 times). And also, it saves time about 5 minutes on doing eyemakeup.

But the bad part is, you have to open the packaging carefully, or you will drop the eyepads, and it's kinda hard to take it out from the packaging. And also, the pad is too thick. Actually it don't have to be thick.

And I love how they have a lot of colors to choose from.

Sorry for low quality image, taken with my iphone

So pretty, right? It looks like another normal shadow, and no one will think you are super pro at make up! <3

Overall, I give it 8.5 out of 10. It easy, quick, neat, but kinda hard to open it up.

And that's my super quick review! Magic eyes sponsored by KKCENTERHK.

Here's my tutorial. Please watch in HD 720p for a better quality video.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Solusimu Giveaway! [CLOSED]

Girls, finally Solusimu kindly sent me these pack just to give it for you! A lot of you may already known about Solusimu since a lot of beauty bloggers already made a review for it, including me a few months ago. You can read my review HERE.

There's a lot of germs which caused disease! Research shows that Flour Albus and Hepatitis A are infected to others through pee and poo, which makes WOMEN more VULNERABLE to these germs while they unknowingly sit on public toilet seats.

To get rid of this, Solusimu is the solution.


Opens for INDONESIA only
Will end on November 30

I will pick 1 winner randomly
The winner wil get 2 packs of Solusimu Travel Pack
I will announce the winner through email & blog

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As easy as that. Join now, and goodluck! <3<3
Bonus pic of me with some heart bokeh


And I want to announce the winner of Koalakiss' 1st anniversary giveaway. And the winner is:

Istiarina & Reza
Congratulations, both of you already confirmed my email.

byeee xx

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dueba Barbie Puffy 3 Tone Brown

Happy Sunday girls! And happy early Halloween!
Today I'm going to review a circle lenses, again! <3 I got Dueba Barbie Puffy 3 Tone in brown from UNIQSO. They Kindly sponsored me again.

This time, I made a review vlog for you guys! But I am so so sorry for the bad lighting and sounds, because I am filming in my room (which is very dark) Next time I won't do it again. But first, I'm going to show you pictures and complete review here. Scroll down if you wanna see the video.

I really love the packaging! It's so simple, neat, and girly with a ouch of flowers. And I really love the "Barbie" font, so girly and so eye catching! And as usual, it has a metal cap. Make sure you open it carefully, because it can cut you finger. Be careful, girls!

Here's the close up of the lens (No flash) So pretty and natural. I love how it has an orange color at the center, so unique.

The color shows up better with flash, but without flash, it is still good looking!

LOL excuse my silly faces here :p

As you can see, the color doesn't show much in indoor lighting. But you still can see that I'm wearing a lens from that orange frame. In direct sunlight, it looks so nice! The color shows uo better but still looks natural. With flash, the color shows up super nice, but looks a bit unnatural. Not unnatural in a bad way, but in a good way! So people will notice your lenses.

Let's see how they look with make up on!

Here's I'm using only on my left eye, you can see that my right eye is smaller, right?

Omygosh, I'm in love with this lens!

So here's my opinions!
Packaging: 3/5
The packaging is ice, but I don't like the metal cap.

Color & Design: 5/5
I can't deny that it is superrr gorgeous! And also, it has 16.5 mm which is very HUGE! Love.

Comfort: 4/5
I wore them to school for 8 hours. My eyes started to dry after 6 hours (without any eyedrops). I suggest you to always bring your eyedrops if you're wearing lenses.

Overall score: 4.5/5! 

 A must have circle lenses for uljjang & gyaru 

Buy this lens from UNIQSO! Enter code BMG10 to get 10% off! Click the picture below to directly go to Dueba Barbie Puffy 3 Tone Brown page!

Wanna watch me talk about this lens & show you the lens via video? Watch it down below! Please don't forget to subscribe to my channel.

Turn up the volume and change the quality to HD 720p for a clearer sound and image.

Thanks for dropping by. Goodbye! xoxo

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mimididi Diamond Powder Eyeshadow | MD-913 no.14

Well, hello everyone! KKCENTERHK sponsored me an eyeshadow from Mimididi. Actually I never heard this brand before. So let's get straight to the review!

As you can see, it has a very nice clean packaging. It's transparent so it looks professional and neat. And I really adore the color! It's a sparkling dark blue, and it's so gorgeous.

Sorry for the different tone color, I changed the lighting :s

Same as JOJO palette, it also has a sponge applicator! But I think this one is nicer, it's in white and has a transparent grip/stick/or whatever you call it haha. Pwettieh! But the sponge applicator is so hard, so I don't use it. I prefer using a brush or my finger. And it also has a small mirror, which is quite effective if you're in rush.

Here are the swatches. Top is without flash, bottom is with flash. They look so gorgeous and glittery! You all know that I love glitters! It goes smoothly on my skin, but sometimes it gets chunky, so you need to blend it more.

Here's my eyes with mimididi's shadow! So glimmery <3

So I decided to combine mimididi & jojo together,  and I created a smokey blue eyes! Actually they look more blue-ish in the real life, but my camera toned down the color so you can't see much blue there. But really, they work nicely together. Look how pretty my eyes are! Love it so much.

Wanna get this look? Buy them at KKCENTERHK!
They sell a lot of make up products with affordable price. Just enter code KOALAKISS to get 10% off!

And don't forget to join my giveaway which will be closed really soon! Goodbye!