Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chinese New Year + Something Incredibly Cute

Maybe I'm a bit too late, but who cares.
Yep, as always, I'm going to share many photos of me (minimum ps) . Keep reading to see something special in the end!

So, I went to Pacific Place with my family for CNY dinner.


FOTD. I'm using Geo Nudy in blue.

With my sis! Both of us wear reds!

Camwhore in the car

Arrived at the restaurant and cawhoring while we check out the menu

Trying my auntie's red lipgloss. I think I can't wear red lippies, look older :(

Posing with a red barongsai! Red-red-red, cool.

Borrowed my sister's hairband and camwhore.

See the mochis, look like they want to explode!

Posing with daddy. See the beautiful dragon! OMG every time I look at it, I always amazed.

I already said that you have to rad until the end of this post to see something that incredibly cute below!
What is it?

wait for it...

wait for it...


Turtles! Cute or what!? I just bought it today, and totally loving them. Super cute.
My sister named it Straw and Berry! Actually, I can't differentiate who is Straw and who is Berry, but the names are just too cute. HAHA.

End of post, bye!
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  1. you look so pretty and wow I love turtles!! I used to have those mini turtles long ago ^____^ they are so adorable~!

  2. you look so pretty, and the red lipstick suits you well. gorgeous ;)


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