Friday, January 6, 2012

New Stuffs

Holiday's over, and school starts again. I was like "" HAHA! But now I realized that not many of people in this world that can go to school, and I have to feel blessed because I can go to school. SCHOOL IS IN DA TOWN.

I'm so tired today to do another activites and I decided to blog!

Last week, or maybe 2 weeks ago, me and my family went to Bogor and Bandung for a vacation. And bought a lot of clothes. So happy! I'm just going to show you guys what I bought in Bogor and Bandung. Before that, I want to tell a super short short story. As usual, I always wanted to eat a Durian ice cream if I go to Bogor. It used to be so freaking delicious. So I bought a durian ice cream. And the ice cream was... sucks! Tasted like a damn coconut, not a durian! Yuck. So bad.

Done with the useless story, let's post some photos!

Nike T-shirt. Uber cuteeeee! Here's the back...

Awkward pose, but ok. Sorry you can't see the text, but it says "BE TRUE"

The yellow lacey shirt. Loving the bright color.

Grey top with loads of bows.

My absolute favorite! Cute yet comfortable.

The next 3 clothes were not purchased in Bogor or Bandung but my sister bought it at the mall.

Sailor dress or whatever, so pretty and I love it so much.

Brown dress with small white dots.

This one is da bomb! Honestly, when I first saw this top, I thought that it was ugly. But when I wore it, I totally fell in love with it! Soooo Alice In Wonderland.

PRETTY ISN'T IT? Not to expensive but cute to the max.

Bracelets! Cheap also but pretty.

Oh, Chinese New Year almost come, and it means that I have to cut my hair. I think I'll go with a front bangs. What do you think? The last time I have front bangs was when I was in junior high. like 2 years ago, and kinda missing it.

ok END! <3


  1. I love the bag! Very nice! Hehehe!

  2. Lovely blog.


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