Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Post

It's finally 2012, yeah baby! Haha. I thought that I have to post something because it's new year. Actually, I wanted to post it yesterday but I couldn't finish it so I decided to post it today YEAY.

I want to thank to God that He still blesses me until now and I want to thank to all my subscribers (and readers also) that already supported me. I hope that I will reach more subscribers. Please support me, guys ❤ I want to thank to my friends that supported me too, and of course I want to thank to my family that ALWAYS support me in everything.

Sooooooooo what are we going to talk about? Who knows who knows? Ok I tell you. I'm going to share about my NYE party with my family. It wasn't a big party thou, it was only a small celebration. I have so much fun! Haha. I called a restaurant  to send pizza and garlic breads. But guess what? THIS IS MY FIRST TIME TO CALL DELIVERY. ok. ok. ok. I was so freaking nervous. I called and I called but no one answer. Called again and finally a girl picked up the phone. Here's the dialog.

Girl: Hello blablablablablabla.......
Me: I want to order some pizza.
Girl : Ok. What's your name?
Me: Megan
Girl : Mega?
Me: Megan
Girl : What? Mega?
Me: Megan! With N!
Girl : Sorry, Mega?
Me: MEGAN!!  *freaking out*

Then I continued the last post of 2011. But then, my Mom asked me to go to the supermarket with her and Dad, so did I. We were buying things until the sky went dark. I was afraid that I wasn't be able to finish the last post of the year. And finally, after bought some food, we went home. I continue the post again. Suddenly, my sister and her bf asked me to go with them to buy fireworks, so did I. We bought these.

Then we finished our dinner and watched Batman at the tv. I continued the post + watched the tv until 11pm, and finally the entry was done and I post it YEAH. Then we went to the park cox we wanted to burn some marshmallow.

My sister's bf trying to start the fire.

Then the fire was on! I'm the one with the cute pink pajama. We burnt the marshmallows.Actually It tasted good, like super soft and warm and I don't know just try it by yourself.

Camwhoring with my sister. Photoshop fail, too lazy to repair it. HAHA.

Party rocking wtf, did weird stuff while waiting for the firework.

Turning on the fireworks


I was too concentrated watching the firework and I just snap snap snap randomly with the camera so the pic is so bad haha! But I love the last one, looks like a planet #me gusta.jpeg

Play with the childish firework and so freaking happy lol!

Mom and Daddy

Mom was so happy! See her face!

Who took this pic? I don't know lah, since the background is good I upload it.

CUTE lol!

Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR! *again*

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  1. Happy 2012! You guys had a blast hun! ;)


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