Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nivea Visage Facial Foams Review

Hello guys! Long time no update right. Haha. I'm quie busy right now because of assigntments and studies and many more, so I don't have much to update. But today, I waste my time to post this useless post for you guys! How nice am I. haha!

So maybe lat 2 weeks or more, I bought this 2 facial foam from Nivea. The one is called pure source cleansing foam for combination skin, and the pink one called sparkling whitening foam to whiten skin. And I've tried both of them!

Here's I'm using the sparkling white one. Ok, this pic is so COOL. I didn't put any make up, but I photoshoped it until my face looks slim and my eyes look big, plus I darken my eyelashes and my brows, and put highlight at inner corners of my eyes, cool huh?

Honestly, I like the sparkling white more because it doesn't make my skin dry, and smoothen my skin. But I like the blue one too, but it's quite drying for me. So I used it when my face got so oily. But both of them are nice. And I've been using the sparkling white for weeks, and it really makes my skin condition better.

and..... I BOUGHT NEW CIRCLE LENSES. yeaaaay! But I don't know when will I make a review about it, so freaking busy.

ok end of post, subscribe xx

p/s: this post is completely my own opinion, I don't get payed to advertise this.


  1. omg u look so cute in ur face washing shot! I'm too afraid to show this type of shots in my cleanser reviews, don't want to freak ppl out haha

  2. My skin is usually oily so I am always trying to combat that, but the last couple weeks (maybe because of the dry weather) my skin has been very dry. Maybe I should give the white one a try.


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