Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Uber Smooth Skin

Hello girls! Long time no see! I've been busy these days and I didn't have time to blog. But finally, I can blog today. So happy!

Today I'm going to review a product called Castella body lotion. This lotion is produced in my country, Indonesia. I got this product from Bearfully, my favorite online shop. She kindly sponsored this lotion.

Honestly, I've never heard this brand before. But surprisingly, this lotion rocks! As you can see, the packaging is extremely cute. It's a cow! Looks like it's a milk. I want to drink it haha!

Yepp! It's milk rich! I always like milk rich body lotion. It really makes your skin smooth and juicy. Besides milk, Castella contains almond oil too. It is rich in vitamin E which is good for your skin.

Pour it onto your hand, Just a bit! I poured it a bit and I can use for my both hands. Whoops. I forgot to re-color this pic :(

Pic speaks exactly what I want to say. Uber smooth, and smells really nice too! I love it sooooo much.

Loving this lotion so much <3 You have to try it!

Thanks to Bearfully that sponsored this body lotion. 

Do visit and like her facebook page HERE. I also put the banner at my sidebar for your convenience.

Ok I'll end this post with my pic!

Bye girls! xoxoxoxo

Sunday, February 19, 2012

LipIce Lip Balm (in cherry) Review

(Start my post with a camwhore pic of me)

Happy Sunday ladies! 
Hope you guys have a good Sunday and God bless you all. 
And now, I'm going to close this week with a short lip balm review.

I bought this lip balm last Tuesday/Wednesday I kinda forgot, but yeah I bought it. I need a lip balm since my lips chapped a lot. And yeah, Lip Ice did a good job to my lips!

Here's the LipIce.

It kinda focused at my text book, not the product.

Ugly, dry, and pale. I don't want to enlarge this stupid pic of my lips wtf.

And after I used the Lip Ice

More pretty, moist, and red.
It gives you a "cool" feeling when you apply it onto your lips, and I love it
This lip balm is amazing or what! Thanks LipIce *hugs and kisses*
I'm not payed for this reviews, anyway.

Now its time for photos!
#1 me today with my Aunt at Gandaria City

 #2 Mom! (why blurry again!?)




Ok end. Bye pretty ladies, love ya!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Make Up Tutorial | Valentines Day Look

 Hello ladies! I'm yawning like thousand times while writing this post haha!

Valentines day is coming, and I'm going to make a simple tutorial of Valentines day look, that super wearable. This look is simple, romantic, but natural. I realized that I never make a make up tutorial in 2012, so this is the first one is this year!

Oh, and sorry for the bad pics. I don't know why, I looked at the mirror and I feel that I looked good, but my camera took shitty photos. But, ok. Hope you can understand :)
Let's move to the tutorial.

First, apply foundation, concealer, and set it with powder.

Then, apply your eye primer to make your eye shadow looks more vibrant.

I'm using Urban Decay primer potion

Warm your eyes with a soft peach color.

Sorry a bit blurry!

Next, with your naked palettee, take the color called "buck" and apply it as in the picture below.

Then, using "hustle", darken the edge of your eyes to make it more deep.

Apply glitter all over your lids. It's easier to use your finger.

Line your eyes with gel liner or liquid liner. I highly suggest you to make a thin line so your look will be natural.

Curl your lashes and use your favorite mascara.
Then use a soft pink blush at the apples of your cheek.

And you're done!

So, dress up, fix your hair, and you're ready to go!

And don't forget to camwhore.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial, and I hope this tutorial is helpful for you. 
And if you have any questions, you can post the question by comment below.

Have a great Valentines Day girls! xx

Thursday, February 9, 2012

TheFaceShop's Geranium & Everlasting Flower Healthy Mask Sheet Review

Yey I'm back! Finally I'm here again with you guys, after a long week. I had something bad in school (that I can't tell you), but that wont stop me for blogging!
So I'm here for you guys.

Enough with the nonsense opening, now let's go to the review.
Yep, the second mask I got from TheFaceShop. Also the cute one!

Cute right? I just love the pattern. And, sorry for the bad quality, because I captured it only with my mobile phone.

And here's me, using the mask.

CREEPY! wtf. Looks like I'm angry, but actually I was smiling there -_- fine.

Ok, here's my opinion:
- Smells good
- The package is cute
- Absorb well into my skin
- Has a lot of serum, so I can use the rest of the serum at my hands
- Made my face smooth and clean

Again, 5 of 5. Great job TheFaceShop.

Korean products is the BEST <3

Ok, hope this post can help you. Next, I'm going to show pics that I bought last week.

They're pretty, right? So girly and I love them! Cute cute cute cuteeeeee >3<
I always love CathKidston's products. Their patterns is just amazingly cute.

Ok, one more pic.

Me eating Cold Stone! YEAH so yummy (I felt damn fat after I finish that ice cream lol)

FINISHED! Hope you enjoy this post, love you guys!

p/s: I don't get paid to advertise this. This is purely my own opinion.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Girls Day Out!

Last week, me and my old bestfriends met! They're Auryn and Shamara. We missed each other so much and we decided to have a small reunion.

First, Auryn came to my house. We talked a lot about our school and many more. And Shamara arrived too! We laughed and talked much.

Then, we camwhored.....

Here's Auryn

And here's Shamara. Damn pretty.

Soon as we arrived, we went to movies. We watched paranormal activity 3. OMFG. So nerve wracking! My heart almost jumped out.

Then we rushed to TheFaceShop and I bought these.

A blusher and a pastel blue nail polish. Going to review this soon, yeay!

Shamara and I bought this super delicious Jcool and ate it together, and Auryn ate it too! We ate and ate and chat.

Didn't forget to camwhore.

Auryn took this picture.

But sadly, Auryn went home first beacuse she need to go with her mom :(
Then Shamara and I continued our journey, and I bought this!

CUTE OR WHAT wtf it's an earphone that attached at a cute bear and I can hang it at my phone.

Straw & Berry are died :"( RIP Straw & Berry. I stubbornly thought that they were collapsed at first, but my sister said that they're died.
The other seller said that small turtles are fragile.  They are not ready to be sold. They have to be quarantined and have some special treatments until they are bigger, healtier, and stronger. Without that treatment, they will easily die.

So my Mom bought a new turtle, and it is absolutely bigger than Straw & Berry. It's strong enough to survive without special treatments anymore. And I named it Popcorn <3 (pics soon)

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Goodbye xx