Saturday, February 4, 2012

Girls Day Out!

Last week, me and my old bestfriends met! They're Auryn and Shamara. We missed each other so much and we decided to have a small reunion.

First, Auryn came to my house. We talked a lot about our school and many more. And Shamara arrived too! We laughed and talked much.

Then, we camwhored.....

Here's Auryn

And here's Shamara. Damn pretty.

Soon as we arrived, we went to movies. We watched paranormal activity 3. OMFG. So nerve wracking! My heart almost jumped out.

Then we rushed to TheFaceShop and I bought these.

A blusher and a pastel blue nail polish. Going to review this soon, yeay!

Shamara and I bought this super delicious Jcool and ate it together, and Auryn ate it too! We ate and ate and chat.

Didn't forget to camwhore.

Auryn took this picture.

But sadly, Auryn went home first beacuse she need to go with her mom :(
Then Shamara and I continued our journey, and I bought this!

CUTE OR WHAT wtf it's an earphone that attached at a cute bear and I can hang it at my phone.

Straw & Berry are died :"( RIP Straw & Berry. I stubbornly thought that they were collapsed at first, but my sister said that they're died.
The other seller said that small turtles are fragile.  They are not ready to be sold. They have to be quarantined and have some special treatments until they are bigger, healtier, and stronger. Without that treatment, they will easily die.

So my Mom bought a new turtle, and it is absolutely bigger than Straw & Berry. It's strong enough to survive without special treatments anymore. And I named it Popcorn <3 (pics soon)

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Goodbye xx

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  1. awww so sad to hear about the turtles!! :(
    You look cute though! and that earphone thing is so cute!


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