Sunday, February 19, 2012

LipIce Lip Balm (in cherry) Review

(Start my post with a camwhore pic of me)

Happy Sunday ladies! 
Hope you guys have a good Sunday and God bless you all. 
And now, I'm going to close this week with a short lip balm review.

I bought this lip balm last Tuesday/Wednesday I kinda forgot, but yeah I bought it. I need a lip balm since my lips chapped a lot. And yeah, Lip Ice did a good job to my lips!

Here's the LipIce.

It kinda focused at my text book, not the product.

Ugly, dry, and pale. I don't want to enlarge this stupid pic of my lips wtf.

And after I used the Lip Ice

More pretty, moist, and red.
It gives you a "cool" feeling when you apply it onto your lips, and I love it
This lip balm is amazing or what! Thanks LipIce *hugs and kisses*
I'm not payed for this reviews, anyway.

Now its time for photos!
#1 me today with my Aunt at Gandaria City

 #2 Mom! (why blurry again!?)




Ok end. Bye pretty ladies, love ya!


  1. very pretty!
    you look like your mom. i guess you get this alot. :)

  2. It's a cute color ^^ And you swept your bangs to the side!

    xx THT Christina

  3. ooh seems like a nice product! ;D
    and i love your lenses! so pretty blue <3

  4. I really want to try it! Love your lenses and shirt by the way, cute!!

  5. So pretty! I love your top in the pictures :) And you're so tall too *_*

  6. Thankyou! Yeah, lot of people said that :)

  7. Yup, my bangs grew so fast that I need to swept it to the side :) Thankyou xx

  8. Yeah it is! Thankyou, geo nudy is amazing right haha

  9. Thankyou! I'm not that tall actually :s but thankyou so much xx

  10. Haha I think you would be taller than me, I'm 155cm X_X

  11. I'm not really sure, but maybe I'm about 163 cm :)

  12. you look so cute and pretty :> aww :*

  13. Sorry just read your comment. Thankyouu :*


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