Wednesday, February 1, 2012

TheFaceShop Rose & Pine Mosturizing Mask Sheet Review

Here we go again with another facial mask review!
This is my first facial mask that I bought from TheFaceShop. 

Yep, that was the first time ever I went to TheFaceShop. I love their product so much! The price is not too expensive, and the products are eye catchy too. And I always love south Korea's products for some reasons.

Here's the package.

The package of the mask is sooooo cute! For some reason, I picked the rose and pine one because of the packaging!

There's the mask! Creepy I know. But did it for you! So subscribe!

Wait till the serum absorb completely yo your skin. I did my homework when waited for it.

Not impotant-ish pic. LOL.

What I think:
- The package is cute
- Smells a bit too strong, like alcohol or something.
- The mask is thin so I can paste it evenly on my skin
- It really hydrating your skin
- It made my face so smooth that I want to touch it forever!

So the result is....

5 of 5!
 Even though the smells is a bit too strong, but I can still handle it. So 5 stars out of 5. PERFECT.

That's for the review. Hope you guys enjoy.

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  1. I love the face shop... whether it may be face wash to masks to just about anything haha


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