Thursday, February 9, 2012

TheFaceShop's Geranium & Everlasting Flower Healthy Mask Sheet Review

Yey I'm back! Finally I'm here again with you guys, after a long week. I had something bad in school (that I can't tell you), but that wont stop me for blogging!
So I'm here for you guys.

Enough with the nonsense opening, now let's go to the review.
Yep, the second mask I got from TheFaceShop. Also the cute one!

Cute right? I just love the pattern. And, sorry for the bad quality, because I captured it only with my mobile phone.

And here's me, using the mask.

CREEPY! wtf. Looks like I'm angry, but actually I was smiling there -_- fine.

Ok, here's my opinion:
- Smells good
- The package is cute
- Absorb well into my skin
- Has a lot of serum, so I can use the rest of the serum at my hands
- Made my face smooth and clean

Again, 5 of 5. Great job TheFaceShop.

Korean products is the BEST <3

Ok, hope this post can help you. Next, I'm going to show pics that I bought last week.

They're pretty, right? So girly and I love them! Cute cute cute cuteeeeee >3<
I always love CathKidston's products. Their patterns is just amazingly cute.

Ok, one more pic.

Me eating Cold Stone! YEAH so yummy (I felt damn fat after I finish that ice cream lol)

FINISHED! Hope you enjoy this post, love you guys!

p/s: I don't get paid to advertise this. This is purely my own opinion.


  1. That wristlet is adorable. I love the cute floral pattern.

  2. aww the packaging is so cute, looks like a nice mask. And I love your haul ^^

  3. Yep, it is! I bought it because of the package haha! :p Thankyou x

  4. As interesting as the mask sheet review was... all I could think of at the end was OH MY GOD!! COLD STONE!! I'm so silly! hahaha 

  5. Haha so you love cold stone too! <3

  6. hi! where do you live? you look like people around surabaya :p hehe
    btw sorry for asking so much:p

    1. I live in Tangerang. You can see my url blog at indonesian beauty blogger website in Tangerang section :)


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