Thursday, March 29, 2012

FaceQ Facial Mask Review | Grape Seed + Green Tea

Missing you sooooo much. Sorry girls, I'm too busy recently and I really really didn't have time to blog. So sorry guys :(
Anyway, I won LensVillage giveaway! Thanks to Christina & LensVillage! I got a pair of Geo Grang Grang in light brown, and facial mask! Today I'm going to review the mask.

This is the front of the package. Kinda cute! But It's in mandarin and I can't read it at all. But CUTE!

More mandarin, and I can't understand it at all, for real.
Even I don't understand, I still used it cox it extremely cute wtf.

The ugliest photo ever! Me wearing the mask with the "trying-to-be-cute" pose wtf.

It's time to judge the mask!

> Packaging: The package is cute, 4/5
> Smell: Smells nice 4/5
> Using: Easy to use 5/5
> Amount of serums: It has a lot of serum 5/5
> Absorption: Hard to absorb, I need to massage my face for a long time 3/5

So I give 4 out of 5 for FaceQ!

That's all for today, sorry for the really short post. I'll try hard for the next time so you wont get bored and forget me. Goodbyeeeee! xoxoxo


  1. Awww you are such a cutie pis :3
    And the masks seem to be good! haha too bad about it not absorbing well though :(

  2. >3< anyway, thanks for this chance! :D Yuuup it is good, but yeaaah not well absorbed. But still, good :) That's why I gave 4/5 to this mask

  3. I haven't seen this mask before , but  I dun know that it's hard to absorb :( have you ever tired

  4. Thanks for the review! I've won the giveaway too :D

  5. Me too! I just saw it when I got it from the give away. I never see it too. Maybe Indonesia don't produced that mask.

  6. really? Congratulation! Have u tried the mask? :)


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