Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Instagram | not a blog post

ohai guys! This is not a blog post. I only want to announce that I have an Instagram account now (you already knew it if you followed my twitter). As you can see, I already put a photos of the moment box under the banner. That box will filled with my photos from Instagram.

You can follow my instagram by searching my username beamegan.

And you can follow my twitter for more blog updates (if you haven't). Just click the button below.



  1. awww, I have instagram too, but rarely upload any because I was using my bf I-phone XD, mine is @cominica :D

  2. Nice photo! Instagram is such a great app ^-^

  3. i already following u on instagram, follow back if u can :D <3

  4. yep i love instagram so badly cox the filter is amazing :)


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