Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Geo Grang Grang HC-244 Circle Lens Review

Hello girls. Today I'm going to review my Geo Grang Grang circle lens that I got from LensVillage's giveaway. Here are what I got from the give away.

I got a FaceQ mask that I already reviewed, an animal lens case (in pink pig), and a pair of Geo Grang Grang HC-244 circle lens.

It looks like this in natural lighting.

With flash.

Looks like this on my eyes (with flash). Ok, this pic is actually scary, so I cropped my eye only cox my full face looks super scary. My expression like I'm a ghost. Scary for real. Maybe I can join a casting for horror movies LOL. And actually, I only wear my falsies but didn't use any make up, so I photoshopped it. Not bad.

It's time for scoring!
Comfort: 4/5 super comfortable, I used it to school (like 8 hours) and my eyes didn't red at all
Enlargement: 5/5 not too large, not too small
Color & design: 5/5 super nice

This lens is super good. Compared to my Geo Nudy, this is much better. Love this lens! <3

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Thanks girls, bye! xoxo


  1. It's so good that you can use it  for 8 hours!! I thought GEO would dry easily  and irritate my eyes so I didn't buy it but  it's super comfortable on you ;)    Is Geo Nudy also  comfortable? 

  2. Actually, geo nudy is not good for me, it dries super fast. This granggrang is much better! :$

  3. the name sounds a bit funny, geo grang grang  xD

  4. CUTE! You should try geo mimi too :D

  5. yep I thought it too! Funny, but cute >3<

  6. Aww you received them already ^^ Glad you liked them too!

  7. Yeah :) it's so comfortable! Thanks :)

  8. tempat softlens l lucu banget... and bulu mata l cantik D

  9. the Grang Grangs look soo cute on you! It's great that you actually wore them for 8 hours and you didn't experience any discomfort. I really like the pattern too, it's pretty but natural :) Now I'm so tempted to get a pair myself :P
    love your blog btw, I've just become your newest follower ^^

  10. Yeah they're pretty :) thanks for following :D

  11. You're so pretty. :)
    Followed you! Hope you'll like my blog and follow back. :)

  12. Thanks so much for reviewing this! I've seen this online and planning to get one but I just need to check how it actually look~ I'm so going to get one now..btw, great blog and I just followed you ^_~

    1. This is the most pretty & comfortable lenses tht i ever tried ;)

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