Friday, May 25, 2012


Hey Hey! I'm finally back!
Thanks all pretty ladies that joined my giveaway. I'm so happy that you guys liked my giveaway. And I got a lot of new followers, thank you so much for your love! <3

So I asked this in my giveaway:
"What would you like to see in my next posts?"
And I got a lot answers. Here are some of them:

more abt korean make up and stuffs :3
makeup tutorial^^
more DIY
makeup tutorial and FOTD
tutorial tentang hair do (Hair do tutorial)
tutorial makeup
more DIY tutorial ^^
make up tutorial

Thanks for your help, guys! I appreciate that :) And now I want to announce the winner of my giveaway.

And the winner is.......... (drumroll)

Congrats babe xx!
I've sent an email to you, please reply it asap. I'll choose another winner if you don't reply my email 2x24hours.

Done with the giveaway, now I'm going to share some of my Instagram photos to make this post not too boring (for you that don't have Instagram. If you have, then FOLLOW ME @beamegan).

#1 OOTD for friend's 17th birthday party

#2 L-R Gaby, Me, Irene the birthday girl

#3 another OOTD

#4 Glory!

#5 Gaby!

#6 Random pic of my hair and fingers lol

#7 Braided buns. Did it on my sister's hair

#8 My own sweet braided hairband! It's my real hair.

Okay that's all for today. I'm going to make new posts soon, I promise! xxxx


  1. Any of those posts sound good! But I think I'd like to see a hair style tutorial or a cute DIY :)

  2. yeay,i win.thanks 4 your giveaway.Sudah konfirmasi via Email

  3. yeay, i win.megan,thank 4 your giveaway .sudah konfirmasi via email.


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