Friday, May 4, 2012


Ohai guys! Sorry I was not blogging maybe for weeks, but finally I can write (type actually) about my 17th birthday party that held in McDonald's. Yes, MCDONALD'S!

Pics that square shaped are stolen from my own instagram.

 My make for my special day!

My super cute HelloKitty birthday cake! The theme is outer space adventure so my sis decorated it as the theme.

With Abigail! Oh, I forgot to tell you that the dresscode of this party is childish! So my friends wore childish outfits which were very cute. I photoshoped both of us, but the instagram one not.

With Abigal and Keia! She wore a extremely big glasses, cuteee! I photoshop myself and Abigail, but not Keia because her jaw bone is so great!

With Keia ad Fefe. She's soooo cute!

My whole family! I love them soooo much <3<3<3<3

So below are my pics with my friends, beware of weird pose of them LOL
L-R: Abigail, Myself, Gaby, Rigg, Nathan, Timot

L-R: Yoga, Jona, JD, Myself, Evans, Daniel

now the girls! L-R: Keia. Cindy. Richa, Myself, Sheilda, Irene

L-R: Moses, Fefe, Myself, Audi, Otto

L-R: Jerry, Glory, Myself, Fellis, Jimmy

ALL OF THEM! Suddenly my parents got a lot of kids!

Look at my super happy face.

Now for the lunch time!

The party was done, time for camwhore with the cake!


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  1. Girl you get cuter in every new post! No lie ;D
    And congrats on being 17! haha McDonalds is awesome, but i haven't eaten there in sooo long (very proud of myself lol)

  2. happy birthday dear :D
    love your kitty party :3

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!!
    You're sooo cute :3

  4. aw you look super cute~~
    Happy belated bday ^^

  5. Abigail GoenawanMay 4, 2012 at 9:24 PM

    Damn. I looked like retarded kiddo with that suspender -___-" and by the way, you always looked pretty in all events! 

  6. aww thanks so much christina! You're getting prettier too :) wow u're awesome, I eat pften eat mcd.

  7. Thanks Bella! You're cute too :)

  8. LOL you look cute! Thanks abi :*:*

  9. christabellanathaniaMay 11, 2012 at 10:37 AM

    i rarely seen sweet 17th party at MCD! lol you're so cute >.<

    christanath's beauty blog 

  10. yep I know! ehehe thanks sweetie xx

  11. Amazing blog! Would you like to follow each other? ;X

  12. Hello Kitty cake!! Lovely! :D You're so pretty too. I thought I was already following you. Stupid me. Followed you today. :D 

  13. Yeps! Hehe thanks! Followed you back :)

  14. Thank you for following me back. :D I really love your cake! :D

  15. ah... damn cute cake. wanna that hellokitty cake


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