Saturday, June 30, 2012

KUKIDO | Baked Hapiness

Do you ever feel like you are craving for something nice and sweet like homemade cookies and cakes? OF COURSE I do feel it all the time.

I always wanted something sweet! And I love homemade cookies! But the problem is, I can not make it by myself. So, what should I do? I am too lazy to go to the mall just to buy cookies.

Aha! I know what should I do. I must find a bakery that can deliver cookies to my house!

The best homemade bakery.

KUKIDO cookies and cupcakes specializes in baking and decorated cookies. Besides the healthy snacks, we also create custom made bakery for presents and souvenirs. We are excited and very open to your ideas and will help you to make it true.

My favorite is Cereal cookies! This cookies are so healthy and yummy! And, it contains CORNFLAKES. WHO DOESN'T LOVE CORNFLAKES? <3 And it has chocochips too!

Can I eat this right now? Please please please? OH KIDDING I won't make you guys jealous. Just buy it now!

KUKIDO opens for Indonesia only.

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Visit our website for more information HERE.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Buys

Hello Girls! Sorry for that low quality pict, taken with my front iPhone cam. Okay, so today I'm going to share my new buys! I bought a lot accessories, and I loooooove them so much! Just to remind you, I took all pictures in this post by myself. So let's start with necklaces.

Sticks necklace? Haha this one is my favorite. This is kinda glamour but not old. But I think I don't wanna use it for daily outfits. Maybe a little formal :)

OK I can't describe how gorgeous it is. The shape is....ughhhhh unbelievable. Just gorgeous! Somehow it looks like Indonesian traditional necklace or something, but it is beautiful <3

Moustache necklace! Feels like a sir.

Now moving on to rings!

Another moustaches, YEAH. I'm so loving this moustache double ring. They're sooooo cute >3<

Taken in the car, wearing the white one. And look at my nails, pweetttiiee?

Guess what? Another Moustache! Hahahaha I'm in love with moustache <3 But this one in super light blue. It's super tiny and cute!

This bow ring is my favorite ring! As you can see, the bow has rhinestones on it, and they make it looks so pretty. Love love love! <3

Finally got aviator! Been wanting this for so long! :D

My big hipster specs,  in leopard. I used it in the first pic of this post, but I haven't push out the lenses yet. But in this pic, I already took 'em out :)

Floral top with a gold zipper at the back, High-waist jeans shorts
This is me with my hipster specs, moustache double ring, and moustache necklace :D 

And look at my iphone case, cut or not!? I got it from my auntie, she bought it in Japan. I love Japan so much. I hope I can go to Japan someday, and visit Shibuya for shopping!

Thanks guys for reading.
Love you! xxx

Monday, June 18, 2012


Hello everyone! Now I'm back with your absolute favorite character, Hello Kitty! So basically, Hello Kitty was born in 1974. And I don't care about it's history. I just love her! She's super cuteeeee omg. I believe there are thousand girls out ther that love Hello Kitty too, including you :) Haha.

So today, I'm going to share about my HelloKitty collection. But I want to apologize because I can't find all of them, so I'm just going to share some. So sorry :(

OKAY let's start!

My iPhone silicone case, in pastel pink. Cute, right? I love this case so muuuuch. But I hate the fact that it's a brand new silicone and smells so bad. I already searched in google abut this, and they said that the smells can dissapear by itself. Thank God :)

I know it's gorgeous! <3<3<3 I found it in a little store, they sells a lot hellokitty and rilakkuma <3

I got this uber cute usb flashdisk from my BFF as my birthday gift :)

My mom really knows me <3

What I love about this wallet is the bow! So puffy!

This is one bag. One bag with 2 hk. CUTENESS OVERLOAD.

Another gift from my BFF.

HelloKitty mugs! The left one with bow detail, and the right one with a head detail lol. Another gifts!

A big plate, I put my daily skin&hair care here. Gift too <3

My polaroid! <3

My drink bottles. I take these to school :)

Bento kit!

Swarovski bracelet. I used this in my birthday :) I lost my kitty necklace :(

Hellokitty's bow pluggy.

My Blackberry wallpaper & themes

iPhone lockscreen :)

I don't really understand my pose LOL Got my tee frome my friend :)

Close up! :3

Super close up!

Ok, I'm finished. Thanks all for reading this post :) For potential sponsors out there, you can see how good I take pictures of my collections.

Thankyou girls, I love you <3

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hair Care

Hello girls! Today I'm going to talk about HAIR. Hair is our best asset, our crown. But, we have to treat 'em well to make 'em beautiful. I'm going to share my favorite hair products, but you don't have to use exactly the same. You can use your own hair products :) So, let's start!

1. Wash your hair.
This step is the most important step of all. For you that have oily hair or scalp, wash your hair every single day. By washing your hair, you can remove all of oil and dirt from your hair and scalp. It will make your scalp clean and healthy. You don't need to use a conditioner. But if you still wanna use it, just use a small amount of conditioner, not too much, just to condition your hair ends.

For normal to dry hair, you may wash your hair once every 2 days, because you need oil to make your hair stay healthy and silky. But keep in mind that you still have to wash your hair. Always condition your hair.

My favorite shampoo and conditioner are from Essential Nuance Airy. They have a peach smell, and very bubbly! I love them so much. They really make my hair smooth, recommended!

Don't use your nails while shampooing. Just massage your scalp gently to improve your blood circulation. Wash your hair until clean.

2. Hair Mask
So I picked this Strawberry Yoghurt hair mask from Makarizo. Smells so nice, like milk. And it really really condition my hair. I tried the Chocolate one before, but it's to oily for me. I like this one more :)

 Apply it all over your hair, including your scalp, and massage nicely. Use a hair cap for 30 minutes, then wash it off. I use it once a week. Because I have to tie my hair in school, my hair look a bit wavy (my hair was actually straight). This hair mask makes my hair a bit heavy so my hair becomes more straight. 

For you that have oily hair, you can use this mask, but don't apply it on your scalp. Just use them at the ends of your hair.

And if you don't wanna buy it, you can use honey. Just apply it at the ends of your hair. I know it feels so sticky, real sticky. But it washed off so easily, and your hair will conditioned because honey can hydrate your hair.

3. Comb your hair

Don't comb your hair straight after you wash your hair. Leave your hair for 15 minutes before you comb them because your hair is still weak when it's damp, let it rest first. Then, comb your hair with a wide tooth brush. After it, just let your hair air-dry.

4. Hair Vitamin

Yup, this is my ultra favorite hair vitamin, ELLIPS! You can use it every day when your hair is still wet. But for me, i just use it when I think i need it. When my hair ends feels a bit dry, I use it.

I personally think that using a hair vitamin every day is not too good. Although it is a vitamin, but it was made from chemical ingredients and I believe that if I use it too much, it can damage my hair as well.

5. Hair Tonic

I use this Rudy Hadisuwarno Hair tonic. I use it ONLY when I lost a lot of hair. Don't use a hair tonic too much, because you have to apply it on your scalp, and it works to cure your hair problem. If you don't have any problem, do not use it.

6. Heat Protector

You must to have this if you love to style your hair. Must must must! This will minimize the damage of your curling iron, hair dryer, and another heat stuffs. Use this before you style your hair, just spray it all over your hair.

But for the best result, try not to style your hair too often, like everyday. it will crazily makes your hair cries!

7. Vitamin Spray

Ok I didn't dye my hair (not yet, but I want it so bad). But this spray really makes your hair JUICY, for REAL. For you that dyed your hair, I totally recommend this spray. You don't need to buy exactly the same, you can find another spray. But I love Beautylabo :)

If you wanna see my hair, here it is.

No split ends and smooth! YEAY. Ahaha :p

Ok that's it. I hope this post is helpful.
If you have any questions, just leave a comment below. I will definitely answer it! 
Thanks for reading. GOODLUCK! <3<3<3<3<3<3