Saturday, June 30, 2012

KUKIDO | Baked Hapiness

Do you ever feel like you are craving for something nice and sweet like homemade cookies and cakes? OF COURSE I do feel it all the time.

I always wanted something sweet! And I love homemade cookies! But the problem is, I can not make it by myself. So, what should I do? I am too lazy to go to the mall just to buy cookies.

Aha! I know what should I do. I must find a bakery that can deliver cookies to my house!

The best homemade bakery.

KUKIDO cookies and cupcakes specializes in baking and decorated cookies. Besides the healthy snacks, we also create custom made bakery for presents and souvenirs. We are excited and very open to your ideas and will help you to make it true.

My favorite is Cereal cookies! This cookies are so healthy and yummy! And, it contains CORNFLAKES. WHO DOESN'T LOVE CORNFLAKES? <3 And it has chocochips too!

Can I eat this right now? Please please please? OH KIDDING I won't make you guys jealous. Just buy it now!

KUKIDO opens for Indonesia only.

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  1. Cereal cookies are very recommended!! :9---

  2. cereal cookies kukido bikin nagih.... sangat enak d jadiin cemilan ;D


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