Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Buys

Hello Girls! Sorry for that low quality pict, taken with my front iPhone cam. Okay, so today I'm going to share my new buys! I bought a lot accessories, and I loooooove them so much! Just to remind you, I took all pictures in this post by myself. So let's start with necklaces.

Sticks necklace? Haha this one is my favorite. This is kinda glamour but not old. But I think I don't wanna use it for daily outfits. Maybe a little formal :)

OK I can't describe how gorgeous it is. The shape is....ughhhhh unbelievable. Just gorgeous! Somehow it looks like Indonesian traditional necklace or something, but it is beautiful <3

Moustache necklace! Feels like a sir.

Now moving on to rings!

Another moustaches, YEAH. I'm so loving this moustache double ring. They're sooooo cute >3<

Taken in the car, wearing the white one. And look at my nails, pweetttiiee?

Guess what? Another Moustache! Hahahaha I'm in love with moustache <3 But this one in super light blue. It's super tiny and cute!

This bow ring is my favorite ring! As you can see, the bow has rhinestones on it, and they make it looks so pretty. Love love love! <3

Finally got aviator! Been wanting this for so long! :D

My big hipster specs,  in leopard. I used it in the first pic of this post, but I haven't push out the lenses yet. But in this pic, I already took 'em out :)

Floral top with a gold zipper at the back, High-waist jeans shorts
This is me with my hipster specs, moustache double ring, and moustache necklace :D 

And look at my iphone case, cut or not!? I got it from my auntie, she bought it in Japan. I love Japan so much. I hope I can go to Japan someday, and visit Shibuya for shopping!

Thanks guys for reading.
Love you! xxx


  1. prettttyyyy buys!! :D love the big framed glasses on you!!! <3 and I love the mustache rings too.. reminds me of pringles! hihihihihi... :D

  2. bagus meg apalagi yang kaca mata hitam heheh ;) bagi ke gw satu boleh th meg wkwkkw :p cicin bow ring nya jga keren , gw suka heheh :D

  3. lol gue juga suka kacamata itemnya ;) ahaha gue pinjemin aja deh :p anyway, thanks komennya :*

  4. Thanks Rhea! Haha like a sir B)

  5. that moustache ring so adorable~~ :D

  6. Yep! I love moustaches, they're so cute >3<

  7. Kasih gua satu :D uyeeee

  8. Oh my gosh! I really love all of your jewellery pieces! *0*
    Haha~ especially those moustache ones! >W<
    I also really love your outfit! >U<

  9. I love all of them too! Yeah, currently in love with moustaches >3<
    Thankyou Josephine <3


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