Saturday, July 28, 2012


Last week, Solusimu kindly sponsored me travel packs of Toilet Seat Cover, which you can see them below. Although this is a sponsored post, but I really want to tell you about this because this is so so so important to us, especially girls.

Usually, you don't want too use the public toilet toilet if it's dirty because you know that there's a lot of germs there. But do you know, there's millions of germs on clean public toilet seats because a lot of people use it. I'm not joking. There's a lot of germs which caused disease! Research shows that Flour Albus and Hepatitis A are infected to others through pee and poo, which makes WOMEN more VULNERABLE to these germs while they unknowingly sit on public toilet seats.

How do we get rid of those germs? Solusimu is the solution!

Solusimu Toilet Seat Cover is securely sealed for our protection

Solusimu Toilet Seat Cover is made of 100% soft virgin pulp that is environmentally friendly. It has been Solusimu's main ethical commitment to work in the field that will only respect the environtment and green world where we live on.

How to use Solusimu paper Toilet Seat Cover? Here's the instruction. 

Every sheet of Solusimu is 100% biodegradable, which means that every time we flush the sheet after use, biological process will take place to dissolve it without adversely affecting the natural ecosystem. Given these qualities, long-term use of Solusimu Toilet Seat Cover will not cause clogging. Research shows that Solusimu 's paper is in fact 4 times faster to dissolve in water compared to regular toilet tissue roll.

To prove that, I did my own experiment. I compared the Solusimu Paper Toilet Seat Cover with regular tissue.

This is a regular tissue on the water

It looked like this after I stir it for 2 minutes, and I'm sure that I will clogged somebody's toilet with regular tissue

And then, I tried with Solusimu Paper Toilet Seat Cover

This is the center part of the the Solusimu Paper Toilet Seat Cover when I put it on the water

Then I stir it for 2 minutes and this is the result! This is like super amazing. No one toilet's will be clogged.

Solusimu specially designs this personal use travel pack for those people who are active and spend most of their times in public places. Solusimu Travel Pack enables us to control how we want to keep our personal cleanliness. Solusimu strongly believes that everyone from all professions and age range is entitled to maximum protection that is affordable. You have to bring this travel pack everywhere you go to keep you protected. And I really love this paper toilet seat cover because its really clean and comfy. Bye bye germs!

Visit their page on and their facebook on

"Your Safety Our Priority"

Will end this post with my pic again! Byebyeeeeeeee xxx

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Maybelline Baby Lips Lipbalm Review

Hi girls (and guys who read my blog)! Finally I'm back with another review. Today I'm going to review Maybelline's lipbalm! So, I heard this lipbalm a lot but I actually never see it until yesterday. I went to watsons yesterday to buy Hada Labo (yes, it's already available in Indonesia), and I found this lipbalm coincidentally.

I must say that the packaging is super adorable! Full of pastel colors, which I really love! Looks like a toy or something, cute. I bought the cherry flavored one. They have another flavor, in orange. But I prefer cherry. Maybe I will bought the orange one after I finish this one.

This is some of the text behind the package.

This is my bare lips. I think I have a quite nice lips, I have no cracks at all and I really love it.
But I kinda felt that my lips tend to dry in air-conditioned room.

This is my lips after I applied Maybelline's lipbalm. Actually there's no color difference, but of course my lips got shinier than before. Shiny and smooth. This lipbalm last quite long. And really, it reduce my fine lines.
And I love the smell! Super cherry-ish and sweet. Compared to my Lipice lipbalm which is cherry flavored too, this one smells a lot better! (click here for Lipice's lipbalm review).

I'll rate this lipbalm 5/5! It has cute packaging, nice smell, last super long, and moisturize my lips well. Love this product! <3

Oh and I want to tell you that I LOVE SUPER JUNIOR'S NEW SONG! SEXY, FREE & SINGLE! I've been lovin' Eunhyuk since in junior high until now! And in that video, he looks so handsome! Kyaa~ (fan girl mode on). But looks like he lost a lot of weight. Stay healthy! <3

I actually want to make a make up tutorial & make-over & fashion posts & many many more! But I don't have time to do it. But I will make it soon! So please stay tune. And if you haven't subscribe to my blog, please do subscribe.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Farfalla's Bloopers

Old photo!

Hello, girls! Today I'm going to share a lot of fun with you. As you know, I joined a k-pop dance competition. I already posted it in my last post. We covered Taetiseo's Twinkle dance. And we have a lot of fun when shooting! Here's the video again. Keep reading to watch the bloopers! <3

Please, vote for us! We really need your vote!
How? Just click HERE, and then search "FARFALLA" and vote. If they keep asking you to login & authorize, click HERE.

Ok now it's time for, BLOOPERS. I'm not joking, I really laughed when I watched this, really. You have to watch! I already put subtitles for you, because we speak Indonesian :) Enjoy!

Sooo, what do you think? Sorry if I laughed like a freaking horse haha! If you don't know me, I'm the one who always wear dress :)
Leave a comment and let me know what do you think. And please, don't forget to vote!

Bye! xxx

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

K-POP Dance Competition | FARFALLA

Hello Girls! I'm here to announce that I'm joining a dance competition from SHElalaland. So I did a Twinkle dance cover with my friend. Twinkle was originally a song by TaeTiSeo. Me as Taeyeon, Richa as Tifanny, and Gaby as Seohyun. We actually choose our character according to our height. You can easily recognize me because I'm the shortest one HAHA! :P

Our group named Farfalla, which means "butterfly" in Italy. We actually did our best for this video, and we hope you guys like it and want to help us by voting. This competition ends in 31th July.

Here's the video! Watch it, and then continue to read this post! (Like on youtube doesn't count as a vote in this competition, so read below for more information)

PLEASE do vote for us!
How? Here are the steps!

1. Search "SHElalaland" on facebook.

2. Like "SHElalaland" facebook page (click HERE)

3. Click "SHE video competition" under the like button.

4. Click "Video Gallery"

5. Search "FARFALLA"

6. Click on our video!


Please vote for us, because currently we need about 400 votes, so please vote!

If they ask you to "log in & authorize" when you vote, please read this:

1. Click a setting button on the top right.
2. Click Settings.
3. Show advanced settings at the bottom.
4. Click content settings under the "privacy"
5. Scroll until you find "pop-ups"
6. Click "Allow all sites to show pop-ups"
7. Close your browser and start to vote <3

1. Click tools on the top left.
2. Click options.
3. Click content.
4. Make sure that you un-check "block pop-up windows"
5. Click OK.
6. Close your browser and start to vote <3

1. Click tools on the top left.
2. Click pop-up blocker.
3. Click "turn off pop-up blocker"
4. Close your browser and start to vote <3

Please tell me what do you think below, I really appreciate every single comment! And I love your comments!

I will end this post with a very pretty photo of us!

Not pretty at all HAHA!