Wednesday, July 4, 2012

K-POP Dance Competition | FARFALLA

Hello Girls! I'm here to announce that I'm joining a dance competition from SHElalaland. So I did a Twinkle dance cover with my friend. Twinkle was originally a song by TaeTiSeo. Me as Taeyeon, Richa as Tifanny, and Gaby as Seohyun. We actually choose our character according to our height. You can easily recognize me because I'm the shortest one HAHA! :P

Our group named Farfalla, which means "butterfly" in Italy. We actually did our best for this video, and we hope you guys like it and want to help us by voting. This competition ends in 31th July.

Here's the video! Watch it, and then continue to read this post! (Like on youtube doesn't count as a vote in this competition, so read below for more information)

PLEASE do vote for us!
How? Here are the steps!

1. Search "SHElalaland" on facebook.

2. Like "SHElalaland" facebook page (click HERE)

3. Click "SHE video competition" under the like button.

4. Click "Video Gallery"

5. Search "FARFALLA"

6. Click on our video!


Please vote for us, because currently we need about 400 votes, so please vote!

If they ask you to "log in & authorize" when you vote, please read this:

1. Click a setting button on the top right.
2. Click Settings.
3. Show advanced settings at the bottom.
4. Click content settings under the "privacy"
5. Scroll until you find "pop-ups"
6. Click "Allow all sites to show pop-ups"
7. Close your browser and start to vote <3

1. Click tools on the top left.
2. Click options.
3. Click content.
4. Make sure that you un-check "block pop-up windows"
5. Click OK.
6. Close your browser and start to vote <3

1. Click tools on the top left.
2. Click pop-up blocker.
3. Click "turn off pop-up blocker"
4. Close your browser and start to vote <3

Please tell me what do you think below, I really appreciate every single comment! And I love your comments!

I will end this post with a very pretty photo of us!

Not pretty at all HAHA!


  1. Aww that's cute and fun! I hope you win ^^ I'll vote!

  2. good luck :)

  3. Thankyou so much! xxx :) Please do vote for us :)

  4. Thankyou so much Christina, don't forget to vote <3<3

  5. Menangggg!!!! wkwkkw


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