Thursday, July 19, 2012

Maybelline Baby Lips Lipbalm Review

Hi girls (and guys who read my blog)! Finally I'm back with another review. Today I'm going to review Maybelline's lipbalm! So, I heard this lipbalm a lot but I actually never see it until yesterday. I went to watsons yesterday to buy Hada Labo (yes, it's already available in Indonesia), and I found this lipbalm coincidentally.

I must say that the packaging is super adorable! Full of pastel colors, which I really love! Looks like a toy or something, cute. I bought the cherry flavored one. They have another flavor, in orange. But I prefer cherry. Maybe I will bought the orange one after I finish this one.

This is some of the text behind the package.

This is my bare lips. I think I have a quite nice lips, I have no cracks at all and I really love it.
But I kinda felt that my lips tend to dry in air-conditioned room.

This is my lips after I applied Maybelline's lipbalm. Actually there's no color difference, but of course my lips got shinier than before. Shiny and smooth. This lipbalm last quite long. And really, it reduce my fine lines.
And I love the smell! Super cherry-ish and sweet. Compared to my Lipice lipbalm which is cherry flavored too, this one smells a lot better! (click here for Lipice's lipbalm review).

I'll rate this lipbalm 5/5! It has cute packaging, nice smell, last super long, and moisturize my lips well. Love this product! <3

Oh and I want to tell you that I LOVE SUPER JUNIOR'S NEW SONG! SEXY, FREE & SINGLE! I've been lovin' Eunhyuk since in junior high until now! And in that video, he looks so handsome! Kyaa~ (fan girl mode on). But looks like he lost a lot of weight. Stay healthy! <3

I actually want to make a make up tutorial & make-over & fashion posts & many many more! But I don't have time to do it. But I will make it soon! So please stay tune. And if you haven't subscribe to my blog, please do subscribe.

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  1. Oh I wanna buy this too XD It has nice smell but i wish to have peach smell :)

  2. Aw you are so pretty!
    I have been wanting to buy this forever but never saw this color in stores :(
    There is always that pink and the purple shade ughhhh.
    I must have this! Nice blog too <333

  3. Buy it! It is really good :) yeaah i never find a peach smelled lipbalm before. Wish someday there is! :)

  4. Thankyou! :) The purple one is orange smelled. Luckily, i found both of them and got discount :)

  5. I have tried this lip balm and I really liked it. I accidentally left my old one in my pocket and it got ruined in the wash but I had to run out and get a new one cause I missed it too much. I really like this Cherry flavoured one!!


  6. Actually i just broke mine too, because it got stuck and i pushed it with my finger lol. But i still can use it though. Thanks for ur comment :) xx

  7. Wooo bagi bagi lipbalm wooo di rumah ada segudang

  8. it looks glossy after you applied the lip balm
    I give you an award, check this :D

  9. I really like this! And the packaging is cute too ^w^
    Was it expensive?
    BTW I LOVE your new blog header - you're so pretty in that picture! *envy*

    1. yes its cute! The color is like barbie-ish or something haha ^^
      Nope, it was not expensive, like another lipbalm.
      omygosh you realized it! Thankyou so much Bella <3

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  12. hey, did you use any lipcare, i mean like lip scrub, exfoliator or anything beside lip color(make up)? :) your lip looks nice and dark line doesnt appear as well :) thanks for sharing! :)

  13. btw sorry for many questions and comments ;0 cant help but curious haha what camera did you use to take your first pic? its so nice :) thanks

    1. Sometimes I use natural lipscrub by mixing honey and sugar. I'm going to post it on my blog :)
      I use Canon slr 550D, and edit the color with photoshop


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