Monday, August 27, 2012

Shangpree Cyrstal BB cream & Olive Virgin Cleansing Oil Review

Hello, everyone! I'm back with another korean products review! Today's review are sponsored by SHANGPREE INDONESIA.
Shangpree has a lot of skin care product that you'll love, go check their website ;)

So today, I'm going to review their Crystal BB Cream and Olive Virgin Cleansing Oil.

Real Package
Shangpree Crystal BB Cream

I love this BB cream. This BB cream is not heavy, and not cakey! I really love the textures. You can see the swatches below.

It looked like this when I applied it on my skin. The color really matches my skin tone!

Then I smuged it to blend it with my skin. It's so smooth and not sticky at all.

TADAA! I can't even see any BB cream! Completely absorbed and cover my skin so well. I really love it <3

Here's the zoomed comparison:

Look how flawless my face is! This is my face after I applied Shangpree's Crystal BB Cream. Sorry for that eyebags, I really have a big dark eyebags and no make up can hide them :(

And here's how my face with express make up!

Uljjang enough? :p


It has a nice scent.

It has a very nice texture and consistency, not too thick and not too thin.

It really really cover my skin perfectly (except my eyebags) without feeling heavy. I love how my skin looks so dewy and healthy.

Let's move on to the Olive Virgin Cleansing Oil!

Real Package

Yeay! I finally tried a cleansing oil. I actually never tried a cleansing oil before, I usually erase my make up with a toner, and then I wash my face with facial wash. But then, Shangpree kindly sponsored me this! Thanks so much Shangpree <3

I swatched a lot of make up here, and my hand are totally gross haha! Do Shangpree's Olive Virgin Cleansing Oil can remove all of this make up?

So I patted the cleansing oil on them.

Then I rubbed them gently. Really, gently. And I'm a bit shocked that mascara looked like hair :o Then I wash them off, without any soap.

And guess what?



I like the scent! Like coconut or something, but nice.

Like another oils, but thinner.

When I use it, my skin feels a bit like pulled, a bit hard. But I think it's because it cleansed my skin really well :) But after I washed it with facial wash, my skin feels really clean and smooth. Overall, i love this product <3

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Bye guys <3


  1. Wow I really love the BB cream! That is really neat how it blended so well. Anyway, I follow you so will you be kindly as to follow me back :) thank you!

    1. Yup the bb crean are so amazing :)
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  2. hai dear! i also give you a versatile blogger award through my blog :)

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  3. hai mau tanya, apa kalo uda pake bb cream harus pake bedak lagi ga?


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