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Koalakiss' Beauty Products Battle

Just like what the title says, it's time for beauty products battle! Wheew! So basicly, I'm just going to compare my beauty products and mention the benefits and disadvantages of those products with a quick review. I write this post honestly with my own opinion.

And I got this cute idea from one of my followers! Thank you, I really love you guys! x
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Let's start the competition!

Because I have a normal-dry skin, I need a moisture boost to hydrate my face. So I definitely need moisturizing cream!

Hada Labo

This moisturizing cream is the best cream I ever use. Actually, it's not like a normal cream, but it has a gel-like consistency. And I really need a little amount of it for my whole face, really efficient. And It smells so great. It definitely moisturize my face, but it's a bit oily. For myself, because I got acne on my forehead, I don't use it on my forehead because it's too oily. So I just apply it on my cheek and nose :)

Citra Hazeline

This cream is the second cream I ever use (my first one is Hazeline with a yellow cap, which is a very good cream). Compared to Hada Labo's cream, I need a bit more of it for my face, because it has a thick consistency. But the special thing about this cream, it doesn't make your face oily! It gives you a powdery-skin, so soft and so fresh.

BB cream is a must make up product for me!


This BB cream rocks! It has a watery consistency so you can blend it easily with your skin. And it really matches my skin tone! It gives a very good coverage, and makes my skin looks so flawless. It also has spf25 which is good for outdoor activity. And the best part, it also moisturize my skin. This is the best BB cream! But the bad thing, it doesn't available in Indonesia.

Kiss Me Heroine Make

This BB cream is quite good. It has a bit too thick consistency, but easily blended with my skin. It also has a nice smell! And I love the design of the tube, really feminine. The bad thing is, it doesn't coverage as good as Garnier's. It tend to dries my skin, especially around my nose. And also, it's doesn't available in Indonesia.

Every single girl in this world has to wear deodorant! No excuses.


I must say that for me, this lotion deodorant doesn't do a good job for me. I still sweat a lot after I use this. But it has a nice smell and easy application. But it's not good enough for me.


This liquid deodorant works better than the lotion one. It has a playful and fresh scent because it designed for teens. And also, I don't sweat a lot if I applied this deodorant. But the bad thing is it takes a lot of time to dry after I applied it.

Want a pop of color on your lips? Try lipstick!

Etude House (Dear My Blooming Lips)

This lipstick is so good! Easy to apply, and it's so pigmented, so you just need a few swipes on your lips, and tadaaa! Your lips looks pretty <3 Really love this lipstick. And I really love the packaging, it's just too cute. But, this lipstick is not as moist as the Silky Girl lipstick. Oh, this lipstick is available on Koala Kiss Shop.

Silky Girl

This lipstick is not as pigmented as Etude House's, but it really moisturize your lips like crazy! I love it. Both of them are so great, and you guys have to try them!

 Always wear waterproof mascara when you wear contact lenses, so they wont smudges!

Majolica Majorca

I think this mascara has magic in it or whatever, but omg this is the best mascara I ever use! It makes your lashes looks so long, so thick, but incredibly natural! And it has a unique applicator, it's like a comb. But, you really need time to wash them out because it's so waterproof. I use oil make up remover, and it can disappear easily :)

Maybelline New York

This mascara makes your lashes voluminous in not time. It is so great! But it's a bit drying for my lashes. But it's a good waterproof mascara. It takes less time to clean it up compared to Holika Holika's.

I'm a huge fan of lip balms! I always use it anywhere, anytime.

Lip Smacker

I really love Lip Smacker! It has a great smell, and also has spf! It protect my skin from the sun, but alsom moisturize my skin as well. I really love this one :)


This lip balm works quite great. It moisturize my lips well, and give that cool menthol feeling. But, what I don't lie about this lip balm is it doesn't give that glossy look. Looks like I'm not wearing any lip balm. I prefer a glossy lip balm.

Blusher gives you a healthy glow! Apply it or you'll look pale.

The Faceshop

This is a great blusher. The color it self is build-able. But it doesn't too pigmented so I have to apply it several times until the color shows on my cheek. But it has a nice pink color which suits my skin. It doesn't come with any applicator.

Minnie Mouse

Don't underestimate this blusher! This is so great. It's so pigmented so you won't need to apply a lot of layers of it. And it comes with a cute little puff. And it has a really cute design, just like Minnie's dress! Love it.


So that's it for the beauty product battle! I really enjoy writing this post, and I hope you guys like it and you can choose the better product :) For you guys who haven't join my giveaway yet, please join it! Just click HERE and you're ready to win!

Goodbye everyone xx


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