Sunday, October 7, 2012

Korea Vogue JOJO Make-up | Eye shadow no. J08-01

Hello everyone!
A lot of you asked me to make many many reviews of make up. So today, I'm going to review an eye shadow palette from Korea Vogue JOJO Make-up, which is sponsored by KKCENTERHK.

Mine is in No. J08-01. As you can see, it has 4 colors (white, silver, dark purple, and black) and all of them are shimmery! I love shimmery shadows. And this palette is formulated in KOREA. Everyone love Korea.

Glitters whoo! Haha. They're so pretty and I fell in love at the first sight with this palette. And it comes with 2 sponge applicator which is so great! But too bad, the sponge applicator are a bit too hard so I can't take the shadows nicely with the applicator. But who cares, we still have brushes and fingers, right?

I really love the colors, but I'm not in love with the case, because it is so light and I think if I drop it, it might breaks. But because it is light, I can bring it everywhere. And also, I really love the pattern. They make it a bit more fun and good looking.

They're actually not too pigmented, but more build-able. You can not apply one layer to your lid, because the color won't show. You need to take layers of it to make it stands out. But it is nice, so your change of getting any mistakes is minimized!

When I swatch it on my hand, the looked like this (L-R: black, purple, silver, white). Pretty and so glittery!
I really like the silver one because it's so glittery compared to the others. But sadly, the white shadow doesn't show nicely on my skin, it's kinda sheer. But I think it is great for base color on my lids. I can't say more about the purple and black, they're so gorgeous.

with flash, they looked like this. More vibrant and nice. I think this shadows look great for a night party, which you'll take a lot of photos with flash. Comment for a make-up tutorial with this palette :)

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  1. Oh i am not big fan of shimmer eye shadows but they do look good for parties and stuffs! It seems like a really good palette for smokey eyes.

    1. Yup, they're great for smokey effect :)

  2. thanks for the review! the shades looks really pretty ^_~

  3. The shades are really warm, I like that a lot! You are so pretty! I'm a new follower of you, if you have time check out my blog too :D


    1. I think it's great for fall. Thanks xx

  4. cool colour for night partaaaayyyyyy. dope!


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