Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mimididi Diamond Powder Eyeshadow | MD-913 no.14

Well, hello everyone! KKCENTERHK sponsored me an eyeshadow from Mimididi. Actually I never heard this brand before. So let's get straight to the review!

As you can see, it has a very nice clean packaging. It's transparent so it looks professional and neat. And I really adore the color! It's a sparkling dark blue, and it's so gorgeous.

Sorry for the different tone color, I changed the lighting :s

Same as JOJO palette, it also has a sponge applicator! But I think this one is nicer, it's in white and has a transparent grip/stick/or whatever you call it haha. Pwettieh! But the sponge applicator is so hard, so I don't use it. I prefer using a brush or my finger. And it also has a small mirror, which is quite effective if you're in rush.

Here are the swatches. Top is without flash, bottom is with flash. They look so gorgeous and glittery! You all know that I love glitters! It goes smoothly on my skin, but sometimes it gets chunky, so you need to blend it more.

Here's my eyes with mimididi's shadow! So glimmery <3

So I decided to combine mimididi & jojo together,  and I created a smokey blue eyes! Actually they look more blue-ish in the real life, but my camera toned down the color so you can't see much blue there. But really, they work nicely together. Look how pretty my eyes are! Love it so much.

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