Friday, December 7, 2012

Birds and Spikes

What an interesting title! What does "Birds and Spikes means? Well, let's take a look now.

Now you know. They're necklaces! Nowadays, a short statement necklace is very on the season. Everyone wear a nice statement necklace which can change the whole outfit into the next level! I'm so thankful that Greentelee shop kindly sponsored this two cool statement necklaces. Keep reading to see me wearing them.

Spikes are so in trend right now! They're just pretty. Spikes can make our outfit looks more edgy. And here's the close up on the spikes. So sorry for the noisy pic, I think it's because the lighting is kinda dark but well, you still can see the details! It's in bronze, which is nice, and the birds one is also in bronze. But you have to be more tricky with bronze, because if you choose a wrong outfit color, it won't show nicely on your outfit. Be creative!

This one is more settle and sweeter than the spikes one, since spikes are meant to be edgy, right? It has a lot of birds in one necklace, and it's just so pretty! It has a very nice detail, especially the feather.
Like I said before, it's also in bronze color, which is kinda tricky to mix and match with outfit. Make sure you pick a bright colored outfit so this necklace will show up.

So now I;m going to show you how they look on me!

Yup there you go! A camho pic of me trololol. You can see how it compliments my look. 

I paired it with a sheer white shirt (actually its sheer, but in this pic you can't see it clearly). And for me, white colored top is perfect for them! They can show up really bold, and everyone can see them. It's very sweet and pretty.

Here's the spikes! With the same outfit, it makes everything different! More edgy and more fierce.

See what's different within both of them?

Birds : sweet, romantic
Spikes : edgy, fierce

Both of them are fashionable! Wanna get them? Then visit Greentelee shop!

Buy it with affordable price!
Byebye xoxo


  1. Omg I love both necklaces!! And you look really cute as usual ^^ I'm really into the spikes trend too at the moment but the bird necklace looks feminine and more formal~

  2. The birds look so nice! but is it heavy? :0

    1. It is heavier than the spikes one, but it's not that heavy :)


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