Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dueba Barbie Diamond 3 Tones | Blue

Hello again! I'm back with a circle lens review.
Dueba has been my favorite circle lenses nowadays, since it's so comfortable compared to other lenses! Let's jump on the review, shall we?

The design is very very very unique! The color mentioned is blue, but actually it also has red and grey! You can see how compliacted and nice the design is, making it a very pretty lenses. It really looks like diamonds.

Because the lighting is kinda bad, my photos turned out kinda blurry, so sorry I can't enlarge the photo below.

As you can see, the color and design is not so obvious when I wear them and without flash. They kinda blend with my eye color (which is very dark brown), and enlarge my eyes without looking "fake", if you know what I mean. And the bad thing, you can't see any blue.
And woooow, they're 16.5 mm which  is very huge.

With flash, they are so so so so so so so pretty! But the only bad thing, with flash, the lens doesn't blend well with my eyes, and it looks kinda "fake". I suggest using this lens with make up since it is dramatic. But without makeup, this lens also looks so pretty.

Design: 5/5
Color: 3/5
Comfort: 5/5

Let's move on to my camho pics!

Just can't get enough with this lenses! <3<3<3

Wanna get this lens? Buy it at UNIQSO, this is their new collection. Click the logo below, and jump right to Dueba Barbie Diamond 3 tones in blue page.
And also use code BMG10 to get 10% off!

See ya on my nest review, stay tune! Bye bye xx


  1. seriously how old are you? >,< naturally pretty
    you make me so jelly! have u make any daily make up tutorial or no makeup makeup tutorial?

  2. I'm 17 y/o :D
    Nooo not yet, but I'll make it someday! Please stay tune xx thankyouu

  3. so pretty ^^
    iy dr jauh kliatan bling2 gt meg, klo ga kena flash cantik bgt d mata :D

  4. YOU'RE...17?!!!!!!!11111 I thought you were 21!!! (which is a good thing!) You look so mature and pretty and like a kpop star! 8DDDDDD~~~
    These lenses are really pretty! The red is really unique though. :0

    1. Yes i'm 17 :p thankyou so muuuch!
      The red wont show as much when you wear it :)

  5. These are huge :) They look really nice on you. They are a bit dark for my taste, but I love how they sparkle on you :D

    1. It's very dark, but the sparkles make it look so pretty

  6. You're so cute and pretty!
    The design is so pretty, it makes your eyes look like they're sparkling!
    I haven't tried Dueba, but I might since I'm all about the comfort of lenses!

    1. I think Dueba barbie is a waaaaay more comfortable the geo lenses! <3

  7. These are cute :) I like the little pop of pink it has!

    1. Yuuup, the color combination makes it perfect <3


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