Tuesday, December 25, 2012

SAVA Perfect Cover Concealer

Merry Christmas, ladies! I know I'm a bit late >< But today, I'm back with you guys to share my favorite concealer from SAVA. I never heard about this brand before, but again, KKcenterHK kindly sponsored me this little cutie!

The packaging looks like this. So travel friendly! For you girls who love to travel, this is your answer. It's so light and compact. It's in black color, and the plastic feels so smooth. There are some details at the bottom, but because my lighting is bad (pardon me), you can't see much. Nut in the real life, it's so gorgeous!

And this is the interesting part, opening the Concealer kit! At first, I dunno how to open it. But my sister know it so she opened it for me ^^

Here's step by step how to open it.

First, push the bottom of the packaging, and it will pops up like a drawer. Then just open the lid, and there's a mirror!

There are 3 shades in this little kit. The left one is more like salmon pinkish undertone. The center and the left one has more yellow undertone. I personally love to mix the center and the left one since I have yellow undertone skin.
And there's a cute little brush included! But I don't really like the brush because it can't blend the concealer perfectly on my skin. I love to use my ring finger (the weakest finger) to warm the concealer up, and gently dap it on my dark circles.

Here's the swatches. You can see that the left one is a bit too dark for me. And what I really love about this concealer, its so creamy! It blends easily on your skin. So now I'm going to show you how it looks like on me.

There you go my naked eyes. See how terrible the dark circles are! I already take this photo with flash, but they're still so obvious. And to be honest, my dark circles now are worst than in this photo. Make sure you guys get some sleep!

There's the comparison! The first photo is my naked eyes.
In the second photo, I applied BB cream only on my left eye. You can see that my dark circle faded a bit.
In the third photo, I applied SAVA Perfect Cover concealer on my right eye. See the difference? The Concealer has a yellowish undertone, and you know, yellow can neutralize blue-ish undertone on your dark circles.
And in the last photo, I covered my right eye with BB cream over the concealer and it's perfect! I don't have any dark circles anymore ;)

My final verdict:
- Coverage: 5/5
- Consistency: 4.5/5
- Packaging: 4.5/5
- Applicator: 2/5

I love this concealer so much!
Do you want to get it? Click HERE to jump off to KKcenterHK Sava Perfect Cover Concealer Page.


  1. nice concealer, Megan!
    i also have terrible dark circle.. -,-

    1. Me too! Mydrk circles are getting worse ;(

  2. wow! looks like a very decent concealer! how bout spots? could they cover them?

    Nice post, darl! ^^


    1. Yess! As long as it has blue-is or black undertone, yellow concealer can cover it :)

  3. Your dark circles?! I don't see any darkness at all! XD
    Very nice product. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I actually have very terrible dark circles :) but since the photo was taken with flash, they kinda faded :)
      You're welcome! :)

  4. the packaging is really unique and so nice they included 3 shades on it...Great review thanks for sharing =)

  5. but ....... you don't have dark circles. o.O

    i wonder if this works well for blemishes.

    1. Mu dark circles are terrible :) but you can't see it clearly because inused flash :)
      No, not that good. Blemishes works well with green based concealer becausenit has a red undertone :)


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