Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chinese New Year + Something Incredibly Cute

Maybe I'm a bit too late, but who cares.
Yep, as always, I'm going to share many photos of me (minimum ps) . Keep reading to see something special in the end!

So, I went to Pacific Place with my family for CNY dinner.


FOTD. I'm using Geo Nudy in blue.

With my sis! Both of us wear reds!

Camwhore in the car

Arrived at the restaurant and cawhoring while we check out the menu

Trying my auntie's red lipgloss. I think I can't wear red lippies, look older :(

Posing with a red barongsai! Red-red-red, cool.

Borrowed my sister's hairband and camwhore.

See the mochis, look like they want to explode!

Posing with daddy. See the beautiful dragon! OMG every time I look at it, I always amazed.

I already said that you have to rad until the end of this post to see something that incredibly cute below!
What is it?

wait for it...

wait for it...


Turtles! Cute or what!? I just bought it today, and totally loving them. Super cute.
My sister named it Straw and Berry! Actually, I can't differentiate who is Straw and who is Berry, but the names are just too cute. HAHA.

End of post, bye!
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another 17th Birthday Party

Ohai everyone! I'm back with a "real" blogpost with the new banner weehee. So so so so so so happy.
Ok, so last night my classmate called Fellis had her 17th birthday party. Actually her birthday was on 16th of January. But because it was Monday, Fellis celebrated it in Saturday.
I'm going to post many photos of me yesterday. BUT I am so glad that I only photoshopped 1 photo of me, yeay! As you can see, I've cut my bangs! What do you think?

Here we go

#3 my sister took this pic! Chio or what? (photoshopped myself)



#6 with Sheilda (left) and Richa (right)




#10 with Gaby

#11 with Vera. I forgot who took this pic, but she set the flash to low flash so the pic is not bright enough. But, I look great so I post it LOL


#13 with Abigail

#14 with the pretty birthday girl, Fellis! <3

#15 this one taken after the I dance so hard, so my bangs is... yucks.

#16 unexpectedly, I met my old friend, Jessica! I didn't notice her at first, but suddenly she called me and I remembered her!

#17 with Cindy

#18 with Wonna

#19 with Janice

#20 with beautiful Fefe!

And last but not least

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012



Just made it today and launched it today. Amazing right? I photoshoped it by myself. Im not a pro, so sorry if it is not good enough, but I've tried my best and I'm so proud of myself :D

I've been wanted to have a banner with a picture of me in it, but I don't have any idea. And suddenly, I had an idea and made that one! What do you think? pretty right? Pink all the way, so cute. I used 2 kinds of flower, rose and hibiscus. I love both of them, they're pretty and suits my pic well.

Oh, and I've reached 30 subscribers! Omg I can't believe it. Thank you so much girls, I love ya! And if you haven't subscribed yet, please subscribe now by clicking the follow button.

So... the post isn't complete without camwhore pics. These were taken at the same day as the banner. But sorry, I'm too tired to ps all of them (because school is driving me crazy) so I'm not going to post all of them.

Here they are.


I think I look cute in here LOL



A bit blurry, but ok



OK then, GOODBYE! xoxo

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nivea Visage Facial Foams Review

Hello guys! Long time no update right. Haha. I'm quie busy right now because of assigntments and studies and many more, so I don't have much to update. But today, I waste my time to post this useless post for you guys! How nice am I. haha!

So maybe lat 2 weeks or more, I bought this 2 facial foam from Nivea. The one is called pure source cleansing foam for combination skin, and the pink one called sparkling whitening foam to whiten skin. And I've tried both of them!

Here's I'm using the sparkling white one. Ok, this pic is so COOL. I didn't put any make up, but I photoshoped it until my face looks slim and my eyes look big, plus I darken my eyelashes and my brows, and put highlight at inner corners of my eyes, cool huh?

Honestly, I like the sparkling white more because it doesn't make my skin dry, and smoothen my skin. But I like the blue one too, but it's quite drying for me. So I used it when my face got so oily. But both of them are nice. And I've been using the sparkling white for weeks, and it really makes my skin condition better.

and..... I BOUGHT NEW CIRCLE LENSES. yeaaaay! But I don't know when will I make a review about it, so freaking busy.

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p/s: this post is completely my own opinion, I don't get payed to advertise this.

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Stuffs

Holiday's over, and school starts again. I was like "" HAHA! But now I realized that not many of people in this world that can go to school, and I have to feel blessed because I can go to school. SCHOOL IS IN DA TOWN.

I'm so tired today to do another activites and I decided to blog!

Last week, or maybe 2 weeks ago, me and my family went to Bogor and Bandung for a vacation. And bought a lot of clothes. So happy! I'm just going to show you guys what I bought in Bogor and Bandung. Before that, I want to tell a super short short story. As usual, I always wanted to eat a Durian ice cream if I go to Bogor. It used to be so freaking delicious. So I bought a durian ice cream. And the ice cream was... sucks! Tasted like a damn coconut, not a durian! Yuck. So bad.

Done with the useless story, let's post some photos!

Nike T-shirt. Uber cuteeeee! Here's the back...

Awkward pose, but ok. Sorry you can't see the text, but it says "BE TRUE"

The yellow lacey shirt. Loving the bright color.

Grey top with loads of bows.

My absolute favorite! Cute yet comfortable.

The next 3 clothes were not purchased in Bogor or Bandung but my sister bought it at the mall.

Sailor dress or whatever, so pretty and I love it so much.

Brown dress with small white dots.

This one is da bomb! Honestly, when I first saw this top, I thought that it was ugly. But when I wore it, I totally fell in love with it! Soooo Alice In Wonderland.

PRETTY ISN'T IT? Not to expensive but cute to the max.

Bracelets! Cheap also but pretty.

Oh, Chinese New Year almost come, and it means that I have to cut my hair. I think I'll go with a front bangs. What do you think? The last time I have front bangs was when I was in junior high. like 2 years ago, and kinda missing it.

ok END! <3