Saturday, April 20, 2013

CUICU Flashing Diamond Single Eyeshadow | Cadet Blue C3115-20

You know what? I'm finally done with my national examinations! I'm finally free to blog as often as I want.

So today, I want to review an eyeshadow from CUICU. Even though it said that it's a cadet blue color, It's actually a turquoise color, with a blue-green undertone. It's so playful. Thanks KKCENTERHK.

Mine is in number C3115-20, Cadet Blue. It will expire in 2016!

See? The color is super gorgeous! So playful, neon, and I don't know... it's just so pretty <3
I really like the packaging. It's not too light, so it's not fragile. And I love how it looks like mac's packaging, its so nice. It's quite easy to open it, you don't need to push it hardly. I love the packaging!

Whoops, my hand looks scary here, looks like it bend :O

The lighting kinda washed out the color here, but actually it's darker than this. The pigmentation is quite good, even though not too pigmented. You have to build up the opacity. But it's good, because crazy color like this, if too pigmented, will screw you, really. Once you make a mistake, you need to erase it because it'll show obviously. But because the pigmentation is not crazy, you won't make many mistakes.

This is how it looks on me. It's so pretty, I can't even.......... I love it! <3<3<3 And I used Solone's Frozen Color in gold on my bottom inner corner, it's a nice combination between gold and turquoise!

Let's see my camho photos!

Surprise! I cut my hair short! Why? because my hair was falling out so badly. So yeahh. What do you think? Please tell me ^^

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