Thursday, May 23, 2013

ES 2 Color Blush Palette

Heylow hello! I'm back again! Today's review is about a blusher from ES brand from KKcenterHK! Like omg, I fall in love with this product since it came to my house. Why? Lets find out why!

The outer packaging is amazing. I really love the thick black plastic. It looks so professional. It's sleek, simple, and so flawless. I love the outer part so much.
But to be honest, I don't really like the inner part of it. As you can see, the inner part is made of sponge. It's kinda "cheapy" for me.

You may think "why is the orange one looks so uneven?"
It's because, it shattered. Yeap. When I got the package, it cracked and spilled everywhere in the package. It's because KKcenterHK didn't wrap the package carefully. But I already told them about this tragedy, and the next package from them came safely with a more secure packaging. KKcenterHK is so nice <3

And then, I just cracked the orange one more with a chop stick, and I poured some alcohol, stir a bit, and flatten the surface. It looks not so pretty, but at least tidy.

But, I dropped it when I'm organizing my make up after I made a tutorial, and BOOM. It cracked again. I think the packaging is not that secure :(

Here's the close up of the pink one! I love the pink one because it has a white shimmers in it. When you swipe it on your finger, you can barely see the pink, but more on the shimmer side. It is great when you want some natural flush on your cheeks! And it works great as a highlighter too.

The orange doesn't has any shimmer in it, it's quite matte and very very very pigmented. Make sure you're light handed when you apply this orange blush, and build the color slowly. I never had an orange blush before, but this one is a great blush!

 Here's me using the pink blush. You can not rally see the pink, but you can see a settle glow on my cheeks.

I already used this blush in 2 videos, here and here.

Do you like it? Buy it at KKcenterHK and get 10% off by quoting KOALAKISS

Friday, May 10, 2013

Silver Prom Make Up Tutorial

My prom make up tutorial is finally up on my youtube channel. I kinda desperate uploaded it yesterday, about 13 hours and my laptop kinda wanted to explode. And it was wrong -_- so I uploaded it again today for 4 hours only, yeay!

So I mainly use silver, grey, and black in this tutorial. And I'm going to upload my hair & outfit tutorial. So wait for my next post ^^

My falsies were sponsored by OCEAN SHOP.
Read my review here.

Here's some camhos

Angry face ^^
So here's my video. Hope you live it, and wear it to your prom <3<3<3

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fake It! | Atelier & Mac #42 Lashes Review

Heyyo again everyone! I'm so happy because I can blog again.
And I really love my hair now <3<3<3

From the title, you already know that I want to review about FAKE LASHES yeaaaay! I received these lashes from Gita again. Thanks so much Gita :*

Before we go on, I must show you guys my eyes without falsies.

That's my eyes! My lashes are quite long, but not voluminous. I need some falsies to bring them up to the stage!

The first one is from Atelier.

I like the packaging. It's made from a thick paper, and really simple!

Here's how the lashes looks. They're super super pretty and looked really natural. I love the design so much, with the combination of short and long lashes, making it more natural. And look! The lash band is clear! I love using clear bands because it's super bendable. The thing that I don't really like about this lashes is the length. I thing the "hair" is a bit too long for me, so it kinda look fakey. But I really like how it goes short to long. It's prefect for gyaru style!

Pardon me for the red line on my eye :s

This is how the look like on my eyes! I feel like I'm Tsu-chan *dreaming* haha! I love it <3<3

Feelin quite pretty haha! Thanks to this lashes.

Now onto the next falsies from mac cosmetics. And I really want to tell you that I do not guarantee that this is the real mac, but Gita explained to me that this is more like a waste product from mac, so they sell it with a cheaper price. Mine is in number 42.

Yeap. It's super super super super super dramatic. Super. I kinda shocked when I received it and I was like
The packaging is nice, with a sliding thing. You just need to pull it out.

It looks like feathers! So pretty, but so dramatic at the same time. I kinda scared to wear it, to be honest. It's so hard, and not that bendable.

You can see that it looks pretty. But it makes my eye look a bit more droopy, and smaller. But if you like sexy eyes, then this lash is a must item for you!
It also feels quite heavy, and covers half of my vision :p

See? How dramatic is that? If you love drama, then go get it right now!

Last photo of me. I darken my make up because my previous make up didn't match the lashes.

If you like these lashes, go buy it now at OCEAN SHOP!

I'm going to make a prom make up tutorial soon.
Love you guys, byebye! xoxoxo