Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fake It! | Atelier & Mac #42 Lashes Review

Heyyo again everyone! I'm so happy because I can blog again.
And I really love my hair now <3<3<3

From the title, you already know that I want to review about FAKE LASHES yeaaaay! I received these lashes from Gita again. Thanks so much Gita :*

Before we go on, I must show you guys my eyes without falsies.

That's my eyes! My lashes are quite long, but not voluminous. I need some falsies to bring them up to the stage!

The first one is from Atelier.

I like the packaging. It's made from a thick paper, and really simple!

Here's how the lashes looks. They're super super pretty and looked really natural. I love the design so much, with the combination of short and long lashes, making it more natural. And look! The lash band is clear! I love using clear bands because it's super bendable. The thing that I don't really like about this lashes is the length. I thing the "hair" is a bit too long for me, so it kinda look fakey. But I really like how it goes short to long. It's prefect for gyaru style!

Pardon me for the red line on my eye :s

This is how the look like on my eyes! I feel like I'm Tsu-chan *dreaming* haha! I love it <3<3

Feelin quite pretty haha! Thanks to this lashes.

Now onto the next falsies from mac cosmetics. And I really want to tell you that I do not guarantee that this is the real mac, but Gita explained to me that this is more like a waste product from mac, so they sell it with a cheaper price. Mine is in number 42.

Yeap. It's super super super super super dramatic. Super. I kinda shocked when I received it and I was like
The packaging is nice, with a sliding thing. You just need to pull it out.

It looks like feathers! So pretty, but so dramatic at the same time. I kinda scared to wear it, to be honest. It's so hard, and not that bendable.

You can see that it looks pretty. But it makes my eye look a bit more droopy, and smaller. But if you like sexy eyes, then this lash is a must item for you!
It also feels quite heavy, and covers half of my vision :p

See? How dramatic is that? If you love drama, then go get it right now!

Last photo of me. I darken my make up because my previous make up didn't match the lashes.

If you like these lashes, go buy it now at OCEAN SHOP!

I'm going to make a prom make up tutorial soon.
Love you guys, byebye! xoxoxo


  1. Yay! Tutorial! I don't like the mac one. The atelier one looks better IMHO. Btw you looks chubbier! ^^

    1. I don't really like the mac one too, but it's good on special occasions :)
      Yeap! I've gain a lot of weight! >3<

  2. Why are you sooooooo pretty ahhhhhhh *envy*

  3. Hey pretty lady~ I like the first pair a lot! and the second one is DRA.MA.TIC!

    1. You're prettier! <3
      Yeaaaah, its super dramatic and I kinda shocked when I saw it ^^

  4. waa you look different with MAC lashes!

    I prefer second one because you definitely look like Seo Hyun from SNSD!


    1. Aw really? Than it's good, because I love Seohyun <3

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  6. hi =) you are pretty and cute in pic with a flower on your head, i never thought you're an indonesian. btw what do you call that "flower thing" on your head coz i dont know the right/exact term for it and its really nice.


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