Monday, June 17, 2013

Korea Trip Haul

Well hello! Today's topic is all about my haul from my Korea trip few weeks ago. I think this is the second haul post that I ever made.

I don't know if this going to be boring or not, but I just want to share with you guys what I bought ^^

Let's jump on to the haul, shall we?

Let's separate them by brands (and sorry for the gloomy picture, the sun is not bright enough today)
note: I don't put everything in here since some of them are used up


Here's what I got from Etude House! Let's list the name of it.

(Left back - front right)

- Puff Cocktail
- Collagen Moistfull Facial Freshner
- CC Cream (Silky)
- MiniMe SHINee Hair & Body Mist (Taemin's)
- Fresh Cherry Tint (OR201)
- Secret Beam (no. 2)
- Black Head Remover Dual Sheet
- Collagen Eye Patch
- Pomegranate Facial Mask
- Color Pop Nail Color (no. 7)


- Chia Seed Soothing Mist Toner
- Peach Cushion Blusher (Peach Cushion)
- Clean Face Spot Corrector
- Collagen Facial Mask
- Red Ginseng Facial Mask
- Kelp Facial Mask
- Acai Berry Facial Mask
- Blueberry Facial Mask


- Collagen Hydra Facial Mask
- Vitamin C Facial Mask
- Sun Block Pact


- Green Tea Seed Serum
- Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
- It's Rea; Adlay Facial Mask


- Black Sugar Mask Wash Off (Best Seller, works so nice!)
- Rice Mask Wash Off


- Delight Mono Shadow (no. 7)
- Tony Nail Trendy (CL38)
- Peach Hand Cream


- Everyday Eye & Lip Make Up Remover Pads
- Cotton Pads


- Pasco Snail Hand Cream
- Pasco Green Tea Hand Cream
- Pasco Blueberry Hand Cream
- Winter Collagen Treatment Mask
- Purederm Red Ginseng Facial Mask

AND... the weirdest among all.................


PSY FACIAL MASKS! Omg they're so weird, funny, and cute at the same time (and also the priciest) T.T

That's it for my hauls! Hope it's not that boring.
If you have any questions about these products (what I feel about it) just ask me on the comment section below, I'll answer as good as I can ^^

See ya next time, byebye!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

ES Handmade Lashes | A553

Heylow hey! I'm back again ^^
Guess what? I've dyed ma precious hair. I always wanted to dye my hair (probably going with crazy colors later!) since I can't remember when. My school didn't let students to dye hair. So as soon as I graduated, I DYED IT!!!!
I used The Saem Style Specialist Vivid Color Cream hair dye in Cherry Brown. I'm so happy with the result. What do you think? <3<3

Enough with my babbling, let's hop into the review!

I love love love the packaging. It's so sleek and simple. I also have another lashes like this (I mean the quantity) but the packaging is quite ugly. I like this one! It's a sliding type of packaging. And it also has series number on top of the box, so you can easily find the lashes that you want.

There's a lot! 10 pairs in one pack. It's crazy. Life supplies, maybe? Hahaha ^^
See the lashes. It's in brown. A lot of you maybe think "brown? I don't need brown lashes since I have black hair". But wait! When you're wearing it, it doesn't look weird. It makes your eyes look pretty without making it so dramatic a.k.a so natural.

I love the design so much. It's short and thin at the inner part, and goes thicker to the outer part. It's so gyaru-ish if you know what I mean. Very doll like. And the plus point is the lash band. It's clear. So natural, right?

Let's see how it looks on my eyes!

It doesn't look weird, right? It's so natural! Looks like I have eyelash extension. Pretttttyyyyy.

Weird brows!

Just one last photo of me with han bok when I was in Korea (haven't dyed my hair here)

Lashes sponsored by:

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