Monday, July 1, 2013

About Kawaii Beauty Japan

Every woman in the world know that Japanese is always number 1 when it comes to their skin. Lately, korean skincare is such a bomb everywhere, but actually, Japanese skincare are more known as effective skincare. Why?

Japanese woman believe that there are 3 important aspects to maintain a beautiful skin:

The skin itself, body, and heart.

They take a good care of their skin by layering their skincare, watch their diet, and the most important thing is a beautiful heart, which means they stay positive and throw away any negative thinking.
It is not as easy as one, two, and three. It takes a lot of time, but trust me, it worth the time because skin is your lifetime asset.



Me myself, also love Japan so much! I love their mangas, anime, fashion, make up trend, and of course, their layering skin care routine. I hope Indonesia will carry more Japanese products.

So, what is Kawaii Beauty Japan?
Kawaii Beauty Japan (also known as KBJ), is a Japanese beauty media which delivers beauty related information and tips from Japan.

KBJ shares a lot of things, skincare tips, diet tips, beauty recipe, and more.
KBJ will launch their website in July 2013 (wait for it!)

KBJ itself already has lots of fans across Indonesia, from youngsters to oldies. All of them loves Japanese and asked KBJ about Japanese secret to maintain their skin.

Right now, KBJ are now finding KBJ stars. KBJ stars will receive Japanese products each month to be tested and reviewed on their blog.

And I wanna be one of them ^^

If you also want to be KBJ stars, join here

Make sure you like their facebook page!

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