Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My First Nyx Haul & Short Review

Oyeah, oyeah, my first Nyx haul. I know maybe I'm quite late, but it's not easy to find Nyx here in Indonesia. So I bought them online. And I bought a jumbo eye pencil and a round lipstick. Let's hop on to the close ups.

NYX Round Lipstick in Peach Bellini

I've been wanting a peach lipstick for so long. Actually I'm not a lipstick girl, because I don't know, I just don't get used to putting loud colors on my lips. I usually just used a soft pink lipstick or a liptint. That's it. So I want a change!

I love the packaging. It has like a transparent side at the bottom, and it makes me easier to pull it out from my makeup bag. The plastic is quite thin, but not cheapy. Love it.

This lipstick is so good. It have such a good pigmentation, and goes on smoothly on my lips without cracking. It doesn't dry out my lips. The only thing that I don't like is only the shimmer. It contains lots of lots os shimmer that I quite shocked. It's too glittery for me, and guess what, it's so hard to remove. Maybe Nyx have to reduce the glitters a bit and it would be perfect! But maybe it's only me, how about your experience with it? Tell me in the comment section please!

Let's see how it looked on my lips.

It looked quite pale in this photo, but in real life, it's quite dark and more on the reddish side. But it's just so pretty! I love the colors so much.

Here's how it looks with flash. It's darker. Sorry for my little hairs hahaha!

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Strawberry Milk

I choose this color because I like pink and I don't have this shimmery pink eyeshadow. It's so cute, and the name sounds yummy, right? Imagine putting strawberry milk on your lids, ahhahaha.

So for the packaging, I really love the bulky feeling of it. It's heavy, and I feel that it's just look classy. But the cap sucks, it's so hard to pull out, and it cracks easily. I found out that all the girls have the same problems.

For the formula, I love it so much. It glides on my lids so easily and so pigmented. I used it when I went to Universal Studio, and it lasts all day! Quite amazing right.

the color itself is so pretty, let me show you the swatch on my hand.

I'm going to buy another! Which one do you suggest for me to buy? Tell me please!

Thankyou so much for reading till the end. Sorry if it's kinda boring :s

And one announcement, I won KBJ Stars! Woohooooooooooo <3<3<3<3

Bye bye, see ya later!


  1. I have one in Milk, and it's awesome, the silver one of the jumbo stick is also good <3

    1. I'm aiming on Milk too now! I think it's very useful and pretty. Thanyou for the recommendation! <3

  2. Replies
    1. Go try it! It's quite cheap and has a good quality ^^

  3. NYX has such great jumbo stuff!
    The colors are pretty on you. ^_^

    1. I want to buy another things from NYX. And thank you so much Amy ^^

  4. Peach Bellini nya cakep sayy.. hihi
    aku punya nyx jumbo pencil yg milk sama pasific..warnanya oke..hehe
    product nyx bagus2..apalagi lippies nya..bikin ngiler haha

    1. aku mau beli yang milk secepatnya yeay! Iya lippiesnya ga nahan ><

  5. warna lipstiknya bagus meg! pas d tubenya sih aku bingung kok ga ada warna peach2nya sama skali, trnyata pas km pake br kliatan ^^

    1. Sama ci! Aku juga pas liat kok rasanya merah banget, eh pas dipake baru kliatan peachnya :D

  6. cakeeepp bangeet di kamu!! jadi pengen mampir ke counterny lagi!! racuun banget nihhh *dasar gueny yg lip junkies >.< nice post btw (y)


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