Saturday, November 1, 2014


Happy Halloween 2014 everyone!

This year, I decided to attend a Halloween Festival at Senayan, Jakarta, with my friends.

I've been in love with Zombies since I don't know when, y'know. So I decided to go with zombie makeup yesterday!

All I did is layering tissue papers on my cheek, and seal them with liquid glue (that's safe for the skin) or liquid latex for special make up effects. Then, I cut the center of it, and colored the inside of the wound with red, blue and black face paint, also bring the colors out to make it looked like it's old.

Put some makeup effects wax in the center to make it looked like my flesh. Finished it up with some veins with blue eyeliner! As simple as that. I recommend you guys to look up for zombies picture for references.

And put different contact lenses!

Here's the close up of my "wound"

Thankyou guys for reading! I hope this post can be your inspiration!

once again, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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  1. Beata this is awesome!!! You've done it so perfectly. It feels so real. Girl, let me say this, you can compete with the Hollywood make up artists. You're THAT good!


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