Monday, September 14, 2015


Annyeong! It's 14th of September already (I know it's kinda late), but I'm going to show you my last month's beauty & hair favs! They really impressed me, and I'll tell you why.

I'll start with the primer!

It's Banila Co.'s Prime Primer in #Classic mate. Oh my gosh, I love this thing. First of all, it has the nicest packaging. It's a thick plastic bottle, and has a matte finish. It also has a pump, and a cap (which is gone now :p). The pump is also very nice, I can easily control the amount of product that I want to dispense. The texture of the product it self is kinda thick and gel-like (?), but once you blend it into your skin, it feels so velvety. It doesn't keep my face super duper matte throughout the day, but it does make my face makeup stick on better. I find out that this primer gives me a flawless skin! And the it also smells amazing. The only sad thing is Banila Co. don't have any store in Indonesia :( I hope they'll open in here soon! Highly recommend it <3

Next, Etude House's Face Designing Brightener in #Wannabe Face. I love this highlighter! The packaging is not that special, but the design of the product, oh my god, SO BEAUTIFUL! I feel like a princess hahahaha :p But look at it, lots of detail <3 And it has a nice scent, I don't recommend this product if you're sensitive with scents. This highlighter has the perfect amount of micro glitters. It's not that type of highlighter that "in your face" looking, but it's very gentle and perfect for everyday dewy look.

I'm kinda obsessed with lippies these days. Like, I can't go out without my lippies on. It's like an addiction. I'm currently obsessed with this lipstick from Anna Sui in #301. First of all, let's appreciate whoever designed this packaging. Oh my god, just look at it. So so so so so pretty! All of Anna Sui's products are so pretty! And what special about this lipstick is the shape of the product itself. It shaped like a star! I love it because the pointy side of the star makes shaping my lips a lot easier, especially on the cupid's bow. And the color is so beautiful, nude-ish shade. Plus, it smells like roses! I recommend it for you guys that want a natural daily lispstick, with a very nice smell :)

Last but not least, L'ucido-L Hair wax in #Arrange Up. I never use hair wax  before, because I thought hair wax might feel sticky and yucky. But no, I changed my mind. This wax is the bomb! The packaging is so cuteeee, baby pink! The texture of this product is like gel and very light. It smells nice too, like candies. I love using it after I braided my hair to neat 'em up, and to scrunch and hold my curls after my overnight heatless curls technique. It holds my curls really well, and doesn't feel sticky at all.

That's it for my August's favs! I hope you guys find this super short review. See you later, loves! <3<3<3

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  1. A good review! I have not tried the products of this brand before. I really liked the review of hair wax. I have not tried it on my hair before as I thought it would make them greasy but will give this one a try.


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