Sunday, September 6, 2015

Natur Hair Serum Review + KOALAKISS' COMEBACK

Annyeonghaseyo! Oh my God. It's been almost a year since i blogged. I am so so so so so sorry about that :( I know i shouldn't make an excuse, but being an animation student is not an easy task! Lack of sleep every single day, and I didn't have time to blog at all, and I'm so sorry for that! I'll try to blog more often.

Why my hair looked super dull? Oh! It's because of the non-stop tortures haha! I dyed my hair quite constantly, about every 3-4 months. And I used to bleached the ends of my hair (yes, I used to have blue ombre hair). I also used quite a lot of heat, because I like to experiment with my hot tools! My hair is super duper damaged, especially on the ends! What should I do?

Yippie! So today, I'm so happy to review this amazing hair serum that Natur sent for me to try it before it actually launched in Indonesia. They said this serum will be launched this August, and I believe it launched already. Go check 'em out!

So here's the product!

I love the packaging so muchoooo! It looks super chic with black and gold color. The design looks simple yet elegant. The cap is easy to open, and the pump is very high quality, and it's very easy to control the amount of product that I want to dispense.

So, what does this serum does to your hair?

Natur Hair Serum is a natural protecting treatment for your hair, with a long lasting scent and non-sticky formula, with Natural Active Oil and Vitamin E that works synergically with 3 main functions:

1. Nourishes and repairs hairs from damage (decorative treatments such as hot tools, hair coloring, etc.)
2. Lock moisture naturally
3. Makes hair shiny.

As you can see, the serum is crystal clear. It's transparent just like water, but the consistency is a lil' bit thick as a normal oil. What I like about this product, it contains lots of goodness in a bottle! It contains Panax Ginseng Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, and vitamin E. I'm sure you guys already know the goodness of those ingredients, right?

So here's my hair before I apply the serum. I already styled it with my instyler, but it still looked so dull, and not manageable. Just not lookin' good. And then, here's my hair after I applied Natur Hair Serum.......

Tadaaaa! My hair instantly looks a lot shiny and healthier! And looks a lot neater, and and it enhances my brown hair. Love love! 

The formula is also super nice. It kinda feels slippery when I dispensed it on to my palms, but as soon as I apply it to my hair, it quickly absorbed and didn't feel sticky at all! My hair feels super soft and silky.

And yes, it won't instantly change your hair. It will take time, because it is a treatment. You have to use it constantly to get the best results. But, if you need a shine booster, just use this serum and it will instantly make your hair super shiny while treating your hair.

After using it for more than a week, I notice my hair texture has improved, feels a lot softer, and bouncy! Love it so muchh <3

And the best thing about this serum is, THE SCENT! Ohmygod I can;t express how I love the smell. It smells super duper nice, and yes it lasts for hours. I can't stop smelling my hair :p

Thankyou, Natur Hair Serum for this amazing products!
That's it for my review today, see you next time!

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